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What are the functions and functions of the tea

Guiyuan red date and wolfberry can be used to drink in water, and the effect of beauty and beauty is very outstanding, especially wolfberry, wolfberry has the effect of tonifying kidney, which is particularly good for men, while red date has the effect of tonifying blood, which is also the best effect for women to restore Qi and blood, so what are the effects and functions of wolfberry red date and wolfberry used to drink in water?

Guiyuan, wolfberry and jujube tea

1. Red dates, longan meat, wolfberry wash.

2. Put water in the pot, and then fry the red dates, longan meat and wolfberry. 3. After the red dates are cooked soft.

4. If you like sweet, you can put in brown sugar according to your taste and mix well. I usually don't put sugar in it. I drink it directly.

5. Drink while hot.


Jujube can be fried in an iron pot and then soaked in water. It can cure stomach cold and stomachache, and then put into longan. It's a tea that can replenish blood and Qi. It's especially suitable for teachers, salesmen and other people with high frequency of using voice. If you add 4-6 medlar seeds, you can also treat constipation, but people with loose stool will not add medlar. The female friends who often drink red dates and longan wolfberry tea have fair skin and good cosmetic effect. Don't put more wolfberry fruit, just a few, red dates and longan are only 6-8. Soak yourself a cup every morning after work, not only to replenish your qi and blood, but also to make your eyes bright. It's especially suitable for office workers who stay in front of computers for a long time. It's useless to make tea without fried and black jujube in the iron pot, because the jujube is wrapped in the outer skin, and the nutritional ingredients can't come out. However, after the fried jujube is soaked in boiling water, the epidermis is cracked, and the nutritional ingredients in it will slowly seep out. Cut 10 red dates and 3 ginger slices. Drink boiled water. It's an appetizer.

These contents introduce the relevant methods of Chinese wolfberry and red jujube used for drinking water, and also introduce the related effects of Chinese wolfberry and red jujube and longan used for brewing wine. The Chinese wolfberry and red jujube and longan used for brewing water can be drunk, but the wine can also be drunk. The Chinese wolfberry and red jujube and longan can nourish the kidney and keep healthy, and also have the effect of fitness, which is also a kind of food, which can be eaten raw. If you want to have a good health care effect, Then the effect of eating raw will be better.