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Check the benefits of eating peanuts what should be paid attention to when eating peanuts

Peanut, legume food, also known as fruit, sweet, is also a very medicinal plant, which can play a very good role in hemostasis. Let's take a look at it

benefits of eating peanuts

Children eat several peanuts every day, which can promote the growth of bones and promote growth and development

Peanuts are rich in minerals, vitamins and so on, which can improve brain and intelligence

Women eat peanuts every day, which can help us delay aging, and have some beauty and beauty effects

The active ingredients in peanuts can also reduce the cholesterol content in our blood, thus reducing the three high blood pressure.

the harm of eating peanuts. Who can't eat peanuts

The high protein and fat in peanuts will stimulate the gallbladder and promote the discharge of large amount of bile. If the gallbladder is removed or people with gallbladder disease do not eat it

Peanut has very high fat content and high calories. Eating too much will aggravate coronary heart disease, septicemia and other cardiovascular diseases

Peanut's high fat will also have a certain impact on the excretion of uric acid. If there is gout and other diseases, people can't eat it when they get sick

A kind of procoagulant factor in peanuts can make the blood stagnate. If there is blood clot, the patient with swelling and pain can't eat it

If you are trying to lose weight, it is recommended not to eat peanuts. Peanuts are very high in calories and fat. One or two peanuts is equivalent to two steamed buns