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How to practice sit ups quickly and without tiredness the difference between aerobic exercise and an it's the ideal for many girls to have a vest line. Sit ups can help us to have a thin stomach and abdomen, which can help us to build a vest line. So how to practice sit ups fast and not tired? Let's have a look.

Is sit up aerobic or anaerobic

As for the question of whether sit ups belong to aerobic or anaerobic exercise, we should not generalize it and analyze it according to the specific situation. Ordinary sit ups belong to aerobic exercise, high-intensity, high load sit ups may be classified as anaerobic exercise.

For example, if you do sit ups with your own weight as a load, and the intensity of exercise is not strong, it is aerobic exercise. However, if you do sit ups with extra weight, such as holding a heavy dumbbell piece, you can do less movements, that is, anaerobic exercise.

Imagine that if the ordinary sit ups were classified as anaerobic exercise, the muscles of the world record breaking people would have been dead due to lack of oxygen.

The difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise

The distinction between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise can not be simply divided by sports. For example, running is judged as aerobic by most people, but in fact, jogging is aerobic. When the running speed is very fast, when the human body is in a state of anoxia, the metabolism mode of the human body will change. At this time, running is anaerobic.

What is aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise refers to the physical exercise carried out by the human body under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply, that is, in the process of exercise, the oxygen inhaled by the human body is equal to the demand, so as to achieve the physiological balance state. In short, aerobic exercise refers to rhythmic exercise with a long duration (about 15 minutes or more) and a moderate or moderate intensity (75% to 85% of the maximum heart rate). Aerobic exercise plays an important role in fat consumption.

Common aerobic sports include long distance running, cycling, mountain climbing, ball games, Taijiquan, etc.

What is anaerobic exercise: anaerobic exercise refers to the high-speed and vigorous exercise of muscles in the state of 'anoxia', most of which are high-intensity and transient, so it is difficult to last for a long time, and the time of fatigue elimination is slow. In addition, a large amount of lactic acid will be formed during anaerobic exercise, which takes 48 to 72 hours to recover.

The common events of anaerobic exercise are sprint, muscle equipment training, weight lifting, etc.

How to practice sit ups fast and not tired

1、 Cooperative respiration

Reducing the stomach needs to cooperate with breathing, and the abdominal muscles will become tight to achieve the effect of reducing the stomach.


Exhale in the up state (when exerting) and inhale in the down state. Static state, such as maintaining a 45 degree angle, keep normal chest breathing, do not hold your breath.


Abdominal breathing helps to tighten the transverse abdominal muscles. When inhaled, feel the abdominal cavity lift inward and upward, fully inhale and then exhale deeply. In the normal sitting, standing or walking can consciously abdominal breathing, develop habits.

Slimming principle:

This breathing method ensures that muscles deep in the abdomen are working at the same time.

2、 Don't hold your head in your hands

According to the normal understanding, when doing sit ups, we put our hands behind the head, and then use the strength of the hands to drive the body up when we sit up again. Although this is very scientific, it is easy to cause neck strain, and at the same time, the sports effect will be reduced. So when we do sit ups, we can put our hands on our chest,

Weight loss principle:

Crossing the fingers of both hands behind the head can easily lead to back bending, lumbar disc compression, and spinal cord damage, which will also reduce the workload of abdominal muscles.

3、 Rise height: stay at a 45 degree angle

Many people blindly think that the higher they get up when doing sit ups, the better the effect of exercise. In fact, this is wrong. When we get up, we just need to stay at a 45 degree angle, so that we can get a better compression of the abdomen and a better slimming effect.

Weight loss principle:

When the upper body is just at a 45 degree angle with the ground, the abdomen is in the best time of stress. No matter what kind of curling exercise we do, extending the 45 degree angle between the body and the ground can make the abdominal muscles get the most effective exercise. You should know that the traditional sit ups need to let the forehead touch the knee and then restore, that is, the upper body rises rapidly from lying down to about 90-deg.; in fact, the rectus abdominis burden does not reach the heaviest stage before rising to 45-deg. In the process of more than 45-90 & deg;, the 'resistance arm' from the center of gravity of the body to the hip fulcrum is constantly shortened, and the rectus abdominis is not stressed very much. Only when the upper body reaches 45-deg; is the best time for rectus abdominis' resistance growth function '.

How to determine the height of getting up:

1. Generally speaking, the angle between the body and the ground is 45 degrees when the knee joint is bent when the line of sight is flat;

2. When I rise, I feel it slowly. When I feel the most stress on my abdomen, it's 45 degrees. Stop at this position.

4、 Appropriate speed

Many girls think that the faster the speed of doing sit ups, the better the effect of weight loss. In fact, the faster the speed, the smaller the pressure on the abdominal muscles. Try to slow down the speed, and exercise the control ability of the abdominal muscles is the right way.

The most correct speed is to get up faster and go down slower.

Weight loss principle:

Proper slowing down can exercise the deeper muscles in the abdomen.

Although sit ups are convenient and can achieve a good goal of weight loss, if you practice sit ups with some aerobic exercise, the effect will be better.

The main function of sit ups is to enhance the strength and elasticity of abdominal muscles, protect the back and improve the posture, while combined with aerobic exercise can consume heat and reduce fat.