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Four manifestations of skin emergency water shortage

It's said that women are made of water. A woman's water is tender and looks young and energetic. Today, let's see what kind of water shortage your skin belongs to? How does skin lack water to do? Part1 slight water shortage

Everyone's skin is always a little short of water. It's just a serious and not serious problem. If the skin is slightly short of water, the complexion will appear dull and yellowish, and the skin will often be full of oil. After washing off, the skin will always have no luster. At this time, you should add water to the skin.

* Han Hou Yuan Sheng Zhu Zhu drinks the essence of replenishing water. The texture of water and water can be absorbed quickly by the skin at the instant of touching the skin. It has super strong water feeling. It is not greasy, mild formula at all. Any skin can be used. It also has faint fragrance and very pleasant smell.

* Japanese Esthe Dew cherry essence moisturizing water

Super large bottle of toner, refreshing texture is not greasy at all, absorption is also very fast, mild texture, does not stimulate the skin, usually can also apply the mask to use, it is not heartache at all!

*CHANDO/ CHCEDO condensate fresh ice cream water extract a variety of plant essence, not only moisturizing effect is particularly good, but also has antioxidant effect, to prevent premature skin aging, so that the skin moist, delicate and shiny.

Part2 moderate water shortage

If the skin is moderately short of water, the skin will be very rough, the makeup will not fit the skin, and the phenomenon of powder floating will be very serious. The makeup effect is not lasting, and it is very ugly. If the skin is no longer hydrated, it will have more serious skin problems.

*skinfood lotion, lettuce, cucumber, facial emulsion

Fresh texture, not greasy at all on the skin, pure natural formula, very mild in nature, even sensitive muscles can be used, moisturizing effect is particularly good, but also enhance skin elasticity.

*With cucumber extract extracted from qianxiancao cucumber moisturizer, it can gently regulate the water and oil balance of skin, replenish and moisturize the skin, improve dry skin, firmly lock the water, make the skin moist, smooth and fresh, especially suitable for use in summer!

*SANA soybean milk moisturizing lotion is a super moisturizing lotion. It extracts most of the essence. It can effectively moisturize the skin, firmly lock the moisture, moisturize the skin, and also improve the efficacy of spots and dark yellow.

Part3 extreme water shortage

For the skin with extreme water shortage, the skin is very rough and thick, and the pores of the nose wings will be very thick. The oil secreted will absorb a lot of dirty things, forming blackheads, pimples, acne, etc. even the fine lines will become more and more obvious, which is prone to aging, so at this time, water replenishment can not only be surface work.

*Nature Republic natural paradise green tea moisturizing white mask, delicate and smooth mask paper is very suitable for skin, can promote the absorption of essence, moisturizing effect is particularly good, contains tea polyphenols, also has the pore, dense water replenishment effect!

* Morita makeup, hyaluronic acid complex liquid mask mask is a very moisturizing mask. It contains hyaluronic acid, which can replenish moisture to the skin deeply, and highly moisturize. It locks moisture for a long time and keeps skin moist and dry.

* My Beauty Diary: natto mask is a very good mask. Delicate mask paper does not irritate the skin. It is very comfortable and breathable on the face. Super essence can replenish the skin with a lot of moisture and absorb it very quickly. After using it, the face is not sticky and comfortable.

Part 4 serious water shortage

Partly hidden and partly visible, the fine lines are visible when the skin is seriously short of water, and the wrinkles on the forehead and eyes are also invisible. Facial skin is often red and fragile, and a little bit of skin care products are accompanied by tingling sensation.

*The fine molecular particles of Fanny hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin to replenish water. The hyaluronic acid contained in it is mild in nature and has a very good effect of replenishing water. At the same time, it can weaken fine lines, fine pores and enhance the elasticity of the skin!

* the water quality of the water body of the park water cascade is smooth and smooth. Once it is slapped into a filamentous shape, it will instantly turn into a watery shape, absorb quickly, and replenish moisture quickly, and it will not be greasy after use.

*Meimeijiafen hyaluronic acid stock solution this water replenishing stock solution can quickly penetrate into the cuticle of the skin, replenish the moisture for the dry skin, and promote the subsequent absorption of nutrients. It is mild and does not stimulate the skin. After use, the skin becomes very smooth and delicate, moist and elastic.