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Is it better to go rafting and wear contact lenses or frame glasses? Is it suitable for rafting to w

Summer rafting is a very exciting water sport, but for girls who love beauty, they like to wear contact lenses, so there will be such a question, can they wear contact lenses in summer rafting? Is wearing contact lenses harmful to eyes?

No contact lenses are recommended for rafting. Because of the rising temperature in summer, it's easy to sweat. It's easy to let sweat drop into your eyes when playing with contact lenses, and it's easy to let water enter your eyes when drifting over a steep slope. Therefore, you can't drift with contact lenses.

Experts also said: it is best not to wear contact lenses drifting, drifting water is not clean, in case of falling into the eyes, it is easy to cause inflammation of the eyes Glasses with glasses are not the best, because rafting belongs to a more exciting sport, which may encounter a very steep slope. Wearing glasses does have the risk of falling. If the eyes are not very myopic, you can not wear glasses. When rafting, you mainly enjoy the stimulation of floating on the water. The scenery is relatively natural and clear.

But if it's deep myopia, you still need to wear glasses. You can tie two tails of the glasses frame with ropes and fix them on the head, so it won't fall off so easily.

Which conditions are not suitable to wear contact lenses

1. Women with high intraocular pressure during menstruation should not wear contact lenses. During menstruation, the intraocular pressure is higher than usual, and the blood around the eyeball is more easily congested, especially for women with dysmenorrhea. At this time, if you wear contact lenses, it will have an adverse effect on the eyeball.

2. Wearing contact lenses when you have a cold will aggravate inflammation. When you have a cold, you often have mild inflammation of the retina. Contact lenses are easy to aggravate inflammation. And patients with a large number of hands with viruses and bacteria, easy to take, wear glasses when entering the eye. In addition, many anti cold drugs contain components that inhibit the secretion of tears, resulting in contact lenses that are too dry and have reduced transparency, which in turn affects vision.

3. It is harmful to the eyes when taking the plane contact lenses. When taking the plane, the body will be in a different environment from the ground. When taking the plane with contact lenses, the eyes will be affected by the dry air in the cabin and the imbalance of air pressure. This is because the air pressure at high altitude will affect the radian of the cornea, and the contact lenses are easy to deform, plus a long time Dry between, will also make contact lens material become very fragile, once broken, it may lead to more serious problems.

4. The statistical data shows that 30% of pregnant women will have some problems when wearing contact lenses. If not treated in time, it will affect their normal life, and even increase the difficulty of treatment due to the taboo of medication during pregnancy. Due to the great changes in the endocrine system of women during pregnancy, the corneal tissue will have mild edema, which will increase the thickness of the cornea; while the contact lenses themselves block the contact between the cornea and the air, and continue to wear contact lenses during pregnancy, which will increase the degree of corneal hypoxia, reduce the corneal sensitivity, and prone to acute corneal damage.