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What's better for breakfast? How to eat breakfast with the development of economy, people's pace of life is also speeding up. People are constantly busy at home and in the company like a top. The normal diet is also ignored in the busy life, especially breakfast. After staying in bed, a glass of milk will be drunk in a hurry and leave in a hurry. After a long time, it becomes a stomach disease. As the saying goes, 'stomach disease depends on three points of treatment and seven points of nourishment'. So what's more nourishing in the morning? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Which is better to eat in the morning?

When it comes to nourishing the stomach, many people think that eating porridge can nourish the stomach, and some people think that eating noodles can nourish the stomach, so why should people nourish the stomach? Does the saying "eating porridge and nourishing stomach" and "eating noodles and nourishing stomach" make sense? Generally speaking, there are two causes of stomach discomfort.

Many people will have dyspepsia, abdominal distension, belch, constipation or diarrhea after eating, which is caused by the lack of stomach acid and abnormal digestive function. For these people, "eating porridge to nourish the stomach" is not unreasonable. Porridge has a very good regulating effect on the stomach. Porridge is made of rice through high temperature gelatinization, which makes starch grains collapse and disintegrate completely, and rice grains are boiled together with water. When eating porridge, porridge directly becomes chyme in the stomach, and becomes dextrin and other substances easily digested and absorbed by the human body through the full effect of starch enzyme, which greatly reduces the stomach At the same time, eating porridge can also promote the secretion of gastric acid, speed up the digestion of food, reduce the accumulation of food in the stomach [2], reduce the discomfort of dyspepsia, and improve blood sugar. People with weak digestive function can choose to drink porridge properly.

Other people think that eating porridge does not nourish the stomach, but it will aggravate the stomach discomfort after drinking porridge. That's because these people's stomach discomfort is caused by excessive gastric acid secretion and anti acid heartburn [2]. Porridge itself belongs to acid food. For people who produce too much gastric acid and cause stomach discomfort, drinking acid porridge is no different from "adding fuel to the fire", which will make the situation of stomach acid more serious, increase the damage to esophagus and aggravate stomach discomfort. As noodles eat alkaline food, it can balance the acid-base of the stomach and relieve the discomfort caused by excessive gastric acid secretion, so the saying "eat noodles and nourish the stomach" naturally holds. In addition, too much gastric acid is also not conducive to the healing of gastric ulcer, so people with gastric diseases should also pay attention to reducing the consumption of porridge [2], you can choose basic food such as noodles and steamed bread as the main food, if the noodles are cooked more soft and rotten, it is more conducive to the digestion of the stomach, and relieve the stomach discomfort.

Different people have different stomach conditions, so they need to choose food according to their own conditions. For people with too much or too little gastric acid secretion, it's not good for our stomach to drink porridge or eat noodles for a long time, because when we only eat something, we quietly reduce the intake of other food, and then reduce the intake of other nutrients Well, it's very bad for balancing nutrients in the body, and it's also bad for our stomach. Nourishing the stomach is not a one-day or one-stop process, but a long-term and continuous process. Food diversity is the basic principle of balanced diet. We should choose food according to our own stomach conditions, and choose to eat a variety of food alternately, which is beneficial to our stomach health. At the same time, keeping a happy mood and the habit of exercising diligently are not only beneficial to our stomach health, but also to our body health.