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What harm does summer sleep on the floor?

Sleep on the floor in summer. Sleep on the floor in summer is easy to catch cold and cold. It will cause many harm to our body. Let's look at the hazards of it.

How about sleep on the floor in summer?

Summer sleep on the floor is not good, no matter whether it is a certain partition with a mat, the floor is the nearest from the ground, the possibility of seepage is very large, and it is very harmful to human health, especially for those who are not good joints, which can easily lead to arthritis and rheumatism in the later stage.

The floor is too hard for the spine. Sleep on the floor is not sleep on the floor. Because the principle of the decline of the gas is due to the rising of the clear air. The air is not good for sleeping on the ground near the ground. It will easily cause rheumatism. Whether it's wood floor or floor tile, it's not good for your health. There are many bacteria gaps in the wood floor. Floor tiles are too cold, not good for internal organs, and there are many bacteria. It must not be so good! Because the cement has' absorbability ', it will consume a lot of water!

Danger of sleep on the floor in summer

1. Easy to catch cold

The floor is cooler, whether air conditioning or not, sleep on the floor in summer will catch cold and catch cold easily. Although it's hot in summer, the temperature will drop in the evening. People who like to lay mats on the ground and sleep with electric fans or air conditioners on should pay attention to the fact that their bodies are too late to adapt to the sudden drop in temperature. They are attacked by cool air for a long time, and are prone to cold and cold. When they wake up in the morning, they feel dizzy.

2. Induced spinal deformation

Used to sleep on a soft mattress, if you suddenly change to sleep on a hard floor, it will have an impact on the spine. As for the mattress, the material of the floor is too hard and inelastic to support the physiological curvature of the spine. No matter lying on the side or lying on the back, it is easy to cause the imbalance of the spine force, induce the deformation of the spine, and cause the imbalance of the joints.

3. Arthritis prone

The floor material is excellent, sleep on the floor makes the back soft tissue too tight, will cause certain pressure to the blood circulation, plus floor temperature is low, soft tissue is contracted after cold, spasm, cause spinal joint pressure to increase, easy to get joint disease.

4. Cause rheumatism

At night, the fresh air rises, the turbid air sinks, and the floor is close to the dirty air and water vapor, so the humidity on the ground is heavier, and there are many bacteria, so the human body is easy to suffer from rheumatism.

5. Prone to skin diseases

There are gaps in the floor, even in the wooden floor. There are many insects on the floor, such as cockroaches, centipedes, fleas and so on. After being bitten, it is easy to cause dermatitis or skin allergic reaction, resulting in pain and itching on the body. If centipedes bite, it is more harmful.

What are the taboos of sleeping in summer

1. Sleep with chest exposed

Do not sleep with bare chest and exposed abdomen the skin humidity of the abdomen and chest is often fixed, because even when it is too hot to sleep, there are often people who suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea due to insufficient warmth of the chest and abdomen.

2. Sleep on the floor

Avoid sleeping in the summer, many people sleep on the floor of cement or damp because of the cool weather. In fact, it is very easy to cause rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago and leg pain or eyelid edema due to the invasion of moisture and pathogenic cold, which is very harmful to health.

3. Go to sleep and turn on the fan

After falling asleep, avoid turning on the electric fan. After falling asleep, the blood circulation will slow down and the resistance will be relatively weak. For example, if you turn on the electric fan all night to sleep, it will easily lead to cold, which will lead to a cold.

4. Exercise a lot before going to bed

Don't take part in a lot of exercises before going to bed. It can improve your sleep, but you shouldn't wait until it's quiet at night, because exercise can raise your body's temperature, promote the secretion of adrenaline, and make you energetic and hard to sleep.

5. Wipe mat with cold water

Avoid using cold water to wipe mat many people think that using cold water to wipe cool degree and straw mat can make it cooler. In fact, the human body is prone to sweat in summer, and the coolness itself is not dry. If you scrub the cold water wet cloth again, it will lead to the humidity of the bed and become a breeding ground for all kinds of molds and bacteria.