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Which blood sugar of rice or steamed bread rises fast? How should diabetic eat staple food if there are no other complications, the biggest trouble for diabetics is not diabetes itself, but that they are afraid to eat foods with high sugar content all day long. So they ask whether they can eat this one or not every day and whether it is suitable. It can be said that this physiological state of anxiety is the enemy that diabetes patients can't defeat.

Glycemic index, GI, was put forward in the 1980s. It refers to a physiological parameter of blood glucose changes in two hours after a meal when the body ingests any food containing the same amount of carbohydrates. This index can be used to measure the effect of certain foods on blood glucose concentration. Generally, foods with GI lower than 55 are called hypoglycemic index foods. Most people recommend foods to diabetic patients, which is also used as a reference.

GL, the load of blood glucose production, is to multiply the GI value of food by the amount of actual carbohydrate in food, that is, to multiply the quality and quantity of sugar in food, so as to estimate the effect of food on blood glucose. Generally, foods with GL value lower than 10 are called hypoglycemic load foods.

As can be seen from the above, GL value is a comprehensive value, and the reference value is relatively larger. Relevant data show that the GI value of rice is 83.2, the GL value is 21.5, the GI value of steamed bread is 88.1 and the GL value is 41.4. This data is related to rice and wheat varieties, processing degree, cooking methods, etc. Therefore, the values will be different if these conditions are different. Taking the GL value in this data as a reference, it is faster for steamed bread to raise blood sugar.

But then again, do diabetic patients need such strict diet control? In fact, most diabetics can control their blood sugar at a reasonable level through drugs or insulin. In this case, if they only choose foods with low GL value for a long time, they may be prone to low blood sugar, feel weak, dizzy and weak, and their bodies will become increasingly thin. In addition, choosing only one kind of food may cause the deficiency of some nutrients and other diseases.

If you are a northerner and are used to eating steamed bread, it is not recommended to change your eating habits in a hurry so as to avoid physical maladjustment. We can reduce the amount of steamed bread and eat more vegetables according to the usual amount of food, so that we can not only eat full, but also worry about the change of blood sugar too fast. In addition, the degree of blood sugar changes caused by bread and rice is much lower. If you think the taste is not good, you can eat the white bread together with the coarse bread, and make the coarse rice together with the pure rice. In a word, it's a good thing to pay attention to the control of blood sugar, but it doesn't need to be overcorrected. At ordinary times, use the medicine according to the amount, pay attention to the balance of diet, eat a reasonable diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and fruits, no matter the steamed bread or rice, and eat slowly.