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What are the causes of potassium deficiency? What are the symptoms of potassium deficiency I don't know if you will feel tired, weak limbs, dizziness and nausea in your life. You must pay attention to it, probably because your body lacks this important element potassium! So what are the reasons for potassium deficiency? What are the symptoms of potassium deficiency? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What are the causes of potassium deficiency

The main manifestations of potassium deficiency are vomiting, diarrhea and long-term use of some drugs, such as diuretics. Therefore, in daily life, the main clinical manifestations of neuromuscular dysfunction are mainly some diseases with increased blood concentration.

It is mainly caused by long-term fast or little food, insufficient potassium salt intake, massive vomiting, diarrhea and excessive potassium excretion caused by long-term use of diuretics such as furosemide.

The clinical manifestations are mainly neurological and muscular disorders. The faster the loss of potassium or the increase of Na + and Ca + concentration at the same time, the more obvious the symptoms are. Hypokalemia is often mixed with the primary symptoms, which is easy to delay diagnosis, so we should pay attention to it. During intravenous potassium supplementation, the urine volume must be more than 30ml / hour. Do not use too much or too fast. Intravenous injection is strictly prohibited.

1. Long term fasting or insufficient food intake, or insufficient potassium salt supplement in rehydration.

2. Vomiting, continuous gastrointestinal decompression, intestinal fistula, loss of potassium from the extrarenal pathway.

3. Too much potassium is excreted from the kidney, such as the use of diuretics such as furosemide and diuretic acid, the loss of potassium in renal tubular lesions, and the excess of salt corticosteroids can make the loss of potassium continue when the blood potassium is not high.

4. Metabolic acidosis, treatment with glucose and insulin or cell uptake of water and nutrients can make potassium enter the cell from the extracellular fluid.

In daily life, the incidence of potassium deficiency is also relatively common, and it will have many complications, so in daily life to timely treatment, we must actively carry out some of the primary disease treatment, restore the normal diet, at the same time, in this period, we must pay attention to the intake of some potassium content elements of some food.

Potassium deficiency is also common in daily life

1. Frequent fatigue

Every cell in our body needs an appropriate amount of potassium to ensure its function. If we lack potassium and the cell energy is insufficient, people will be tired. If you get enough sleep and get exhausted after a little exercise, you may need to consider potassium supplements.

2. High blood pressure

Potassium helps relax blood vessels. If the body lacks potassium, blood vessels contract, causing blood pressure to surge. Therefore, it is necessary to check blood pressure regularly to find out the source of hypertension.

3. You often eat snacks and fast food

Processed foods are very likely to cause you to lack potassium, because biscuits, chips and frozen foods all contain a lot of sodium, which, as mentioned above, consumes potassium in your body. It is recommended to eat low salt snacks and fast food, and try to eat fresh food.

4. Muscle weakness is prone to cramp

Potassium plays an important role in the contraction of smooth muscle, so when potassium is deficient, muscles may ache or even spasm. That's why eating a banana before swimming can prevent cramps.

5. Missed beat of heartbeat

Irregular heart rate is a strange and frightening phenomenon. There are many reasons for heart beat missing, and potassium deficiency in the body is one of them.

6. Often dizzy

If your body is seriously deficient in potassium, your heart rate may slow down to the point where you feel like you're almost in shock. Although it is not a common phenomenon, potassium supplement can reduce the chance of dizziness.

7. Constipation

Lack of potassium in your body slows down your body's functional efficiency, your digestive system is no exception, and may be accompanied by swelling and abdominal cramps.

8. Tinnitus and numbness

Potassium maintains the health of the nervous system, so if potassium is deficient, it may lead to nervous tinnitus and the sub-health state of limb numbness.

What's good for potassium deficiency

Food containing potassium can be roughly classified into the following categories

Fruits: there are many foods with high potassium content, and yellow green fruits have high potassium content. Banana is rich in potassium. Banana, tomato, hard persimmon, fresh jujube, orange, apricot, parka, longan, cantaloupe, jujube, orange and mango have the highest content.

Cereals: whole grains, wheat sprouts. Buckwheat, corn, sweet potato.

Dried meat floss: sardine, sardines, mutton, beef, pig's waist, carp, silver carp, Monopterus albus, lean pig, ham, pork pine, eel, etc.

Beans: red beans, green beans, fresh peas, green beans, fresh broad beans, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts.

Vegetables: dark vegetables (especially red amaranth, green amaranth, cabbage, coriander, rape) and carrots, leeks, yams, bean sprouts, mushrooms, tofu skin. The potassium content of every hundred grams of food is more than 1000 mg. The second is taro, potato, bamboo shoot, spinach, black jujube, agaric and so on. The potassium content of each hundred grams of food is more than 500 mg.

Seaweed: Seaweed food such as seaweed and kelp generally contain more potassium. Each hectare of Porphyra contains 1640 mg of potassium, 175 times of sodium; kelp contains 22 times of sodium. Therefore, Porphyra soup, steamed fish with Porphyra, Porphyra meatball, shredded kelp with cold sauce, stewed meat with kelp, etc. are all good dishes for replenishing potassium in summer.

Milk: milk, cheese, all kinds of seasoned milk.

Tea: tea is a food rich in potassium. According to the determination, it contains 1.1% - 2.3% potassium, so tea is the best summer drink.