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Is the mosquito repellent Bracelet useful? Which brand is better in 2018

Is the mosquito repellent Bracelet useful? Which brand is better in 2018 in summer, mosquitoes are also rampant. Mosquito repellent work is urgent. In recent years, there are many novel methods of mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent bracelet is one of the popular methods of mosquito repellent. Many people are curious. Is it really useful? How long will it last? How to choose mosquito repellent bracelet? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

How long does the mosquito repellent Bracelet last

Generally, an anti mosquito bracelet can be used for about 48-72 hours.

Effective time of mosquito repellent Bracelet: the total effective time of mosquito repellent bracelet is 240 hours. For example, it took 10 hours today, half a month later, and there are still 230 hours left. Storage method of mosquito repellent Bracelet: the radius of mosquito repellent is 80 cm. After each use, put it back into the original bag, and then hold it and seal it. However, the best time for mosquito repellent bracelet is within 72 hours, after which the effect of mosquito repellent will gradually weaken.

Note: however, the effective time of mosquito repellent bracelet of different brands is different, and the better quality one is longer and more effective. Therefore, when purchasing, parents should carefully check whether the product is a qualified product produced by a regular manufacturer. Check the effective mosquito repellent time of the mosquito repellent bracelet. In addition, people who are allergic to their own skin should purchase carefully.

Principle of mosquito repellent Bracelet

Mosquito repellent bracelet is a kind of fashionable bracelet with mosquito repellent effect, which emits 100% natural fragrance. It has double functions of decoration and mosquito repellent. The design principle of mosquito repellent Bracelet: there are many kinds of animals and plants in the nature, which are interdependent and restricted each other. Through the observation and research of the characteristics of animals and plants, human beings have created the bionics by using the principle of mutual generation and mutual restriction. In ancient times, people found that there were few mosquitoes in places where some plants grew, so people burned the diameter and leaves of these plants to drive away mosquitoes. Modern technology enables people to further understand the principle that these plants can repel mosquitoes because of the smell they emit. Therefore, people extract the natural essential oil ingredients from these plants and use their volatilization to avoid mosquitoes.

How to use mosquito repellent Bracelet

1. Open the outer package and buckle it at the corresponding hole position according to the thickness of the user's wrist or ankle.

2. Tie the strap to the wrist, ankle, buttonhole of baby's clothes, stroller, backpack, etc.

3. Do not throw away the outer packing bag. When the anti mosquito hand strap is not used, it can be put back into the bag, and the bag can be pinched and sealed for storage for the next use

Which brand of mosquito repellent bracelet is good

1. Parakito Palo, France

The mosquito repellent tablets contain lavender, geranium, rosin and other natural plant essential oils, which can be very good against mosquito bites. The bracelet can be protected day and night, and each mosquito repellent can ensure that the user is away from the mosquito within 15 days. In addition, it can protect family members and be used at ease, because it is also suitable for pregnant women, infants and skin sensitive people. At the same time, its natural mosquito repellent and wrist strap can also be waterproof and can be reused for the whole family.

2. Runben mosquito repellent Bracelet

Pure natural products are safe and effective. The mosquito repellent effect of a single bracelet can be effectively carried out for 24 hours by using plant extracts. It is specially developed for infants, pregnant women and sensitive skin.

3. Wind language mosquito repellent Bracelet

The bright shape can be worn with you. It is small and suitable for swimming, fishing, camping, barbecue, tourism and other outdoor activities, especially for children when playing outdoors.

4. Green fragrance mosquito repellent Bracelet

It is made of pure natural citronella essential oil, free of amines and other chemical components, non-toxic and harmless, especially suitable for infants and young children mosquito repellent.

In addition, other good brands include buglock mosquito control bracelet, hengben mosquito control bracelet, Lishang mosquito control bracelet, Weikang mosquito control bracelet, beibeibei bear mosquito control bracelet, xido mosquito control bracelet, shilefu mosquito control bracelet, VANCL mosquito control bracelet, leershen mosquito control bracelet, etc.