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What are the disadvantages of long-term vegetarian diet

There are a lot of vegetarians around us. They don't take up any meat, but is it good to eat vegetarian for a long time? What harm does long-term vegetarian have to the body? Today, let's talk about the physical damage caused by long-term vegetarian diet. Let's have a look.

Taking vegetarian food has both advantages and disadvantages for us. Taking vegetarian food can help us reduce the chance of obesity, but vinegar can also lead to the lack of protein in our body. Protein is the trace element that constitutes our life activities, which may lead to our own malnutrition. Let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of taking vegetarian food in detail.

Modern medicine does not advocate vegetarianism. Long term vegetarianism is not good for health. In vegetarianism, except legumes, which are rich in protein, the protein content of other foods is less, and the nutritional value is lower, so it is not easy to be digested, absorbed and utilized by human body. Long term vegetarian diet, due to insufficient intake of protein and fat, will not only cause malnutrition and lack of fat soluble vitamins A, D, e, K and trace elements, but also significantly reduce the body's resistance, prone to infectious diseases, osteoporosis and fracture. Recently, it has been reported that long-term vegetarian diet, due to insufficient intake of amino acids, lecithin and other nutrients, will also affect the development of the brain and the metabolism of nerve cells, resulting in the decline of human intelligence.

Long term vegetarian diet accelerates aging

In life, many people think that eating vegetarian food can lead to a long life, so they don't eat meat for a long time. But medical experts believe that this is actually unwise and harmful to physical and mental health. It is understood that human aging, hair whitening, tooth loss, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are all related to the inadequate intake of manganese. Manganese deficiency not only affects bone development, but also causes bone pain, fatigue, hunchback, fracture and other diseases. However, it is difficult for human body to absorb the manganese contained in plant food. Only the manganese contained in meat food is easily absorbed by human body.

Only knowing the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarian diet can help us to better seek benefits and avoid disadvantages, and achieve a very good effect of weight loss and slimming. At the same time, we must ensure our daily intake of different nutrients in all aspects, so as to help us better enhance our physical quality, improve our immunity and resistance.