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What are the benefits of eating longan? Can patients with hyperglycemia eat longan speaking of Guiyuan, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. It's also called longan. Longan is a good thing. It not only tastes sweet, but also has many health preserving effects. The health preservation value of longan is very high. So what are the benefits of eating longan? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What are the benefits of eating longan

1. Replenish qi and blood

Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose and protein, and also has high iron content. Therefore, it can improve the body's heat, supplement the nutrients needed by the body, and promote the regeneration of hemoglobin in the body, which has a certain role in blood supply.

2. Improve memory

Scientists found through experiments that longan meat has a good tonic effect on the whole body, especially on brain cells. It is reported that some substances contained in longan can promote the development of newspaper cells, play a role in eliminating fatigue and enhancing memory.

3. Nourishing blood and stabilizing the fetus

Longan contains more iron and vitamins, which can reduce the sense of uterine contraction and ptosis, accelerate the development of metabolism of pregnant women and fetus, and has the effect of stillbirth.

4. antibacterial

The animal experiment of inhibiting cancer cells showed that Guiyuan had a certain inhibitory effect on jtc-26 cells. The symptoms of cancer patients were improved by 90% and the life span was prolonged by 80%. In addition, the aqueous extract (1:2) of Osmanthus officinalis had an inhibitory effect on o'douang.

5. Calm down

There are a lot of Microelements in osmanthus, especially potassium and iron, which can regenerate after contacting with blood red cells. In daily life, if there is insomnia, panic, palpitation and forgetfulness caused by anemia, you can drink Guiyuan in water, so that the body will naturally recover.

6. Reduce fat and protect heart

In addition to the above several effects, longan also has the effect of reducing blood lipid and effectively promoting the blood flow of coronary artery. Therefore, if the daily patients with high blood fat or high blood pressure, they can take some osmanthus or osmanthus water in proper amount, which can promote their health.

Can hyperglycemia patients eat longan?

First of all, let's get to know Guiyuan

Longan is sweet in taste and warm in nature.

Main ingredients: protein, fat, sugar, organic acid, crude fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Osmanthus contains sugar, mainly glucose and sucrose, which is the most feared sugar for diabetics. Because they can be directly absorbed and utilized by the human body, leading to the rise of blood sugar. But can't high blood sugar really eat longan?

Osmanthus for hyperglycemia friends

Longan is warm and easy to aggravate the symptoms of Tangyou Yin deficiency and Huowang. Moreover, the content of glucose in longan is very high, and its index of increasing sugar is also very high. The content of potassium in longan is rich, which will increase the renal burden of Tangyou.

Diet suggestion: for hyperglycemia patients, many foods are indeed taboo, but there is no reason why they can't absolutely eat them. The key is quantity control. For normal days, take medicine or even in the case of no medicine, if the blood sugar tends to be stable, you can take a small amount of it. But your blood sugar is not stable. If you want to be greedy, you have to be careful. Diabetes friends suggest not to take risks.

Besides longan, these "sugar friends" should also pay attention

1. Not sweet does not mean that the sugar content is not high

People with high blood sugar have certain vigilance to white sugar, brown sugar, glucose and sugar sweetened foods, such as candy, pastry, jam, preserves, ice cream, sweet drinks and other obvious sweets. But there are also some foods that raise blood sugar even if they don't taste sweet. Such as potato, yam, taro, lotus root, garlic, carrot and so on.

Because of its high content of carbohydrate (starch, maltose and fructose), it decomposes into glucose in the body and causes the rise of blood sugar. So we should also eat less of these things.

2. Reduce fat intake

Because of the lack of insulin, people with high blood sugar can not make the blood sugar in the blood enter the cells for use. However, high blood glucose concentration will cause problems in other organs. Therefore, if people with high blood glucose take too much calories (most of them are sugar and fat), the blood glucose concentration will continue to rise, and affect other organs, leading to complications. So rich in saturated fatty acids lard, butter, oil, cream, butter and so on less, the best not to use.

Some animal oil can be replaced by vegetable oil. Peanut, walnut, sesame and melon seeds also contain a lot of fat. Try not to eat or eat less or reduce oil intake. Because hyperglycemia is easy to be associated with atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, we must strictly limit the intake of animal viscera, egg yolk, roe, fat meat, squid, shrimp, crab roe and other fatty and high cholesterol foods, so as to avoid aggravating the disorder of lipid metabolism and hyperlipidemia.

Avoid high salt diet

The patients with high blood sugar should limit the intake of salt: the daily intake should be gradually reduced to less than 6G, that is to say, after the rubber pad is removed from the ordinary beer lid, the salt of a flat lid is about 6G. This refers to the amount of salt, including the total amount of sodium in cooking salt and other foods converted into salt. Proper reduction of sodium intake will help to reduce blood pressure and the retention of sodium and water in the body. And in the daily intake of salt, it is better to take it according to the distribution of 1:3:2.

4 avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Alcoholic pungent heat can directly interfere with the energy metabolism of the body and aggravate the disease. At the same time of taking hypoglycemic drugs, if drinking alcohol, it can make blood sugar drop suddenly, induce hypoglycemia, and affect the treatment. In addition, ethanol can accelerate the metabolism of antidiabetic drugs, shorten their half-life, and affect the efficacy of drugs. Therefore, patients with hyperglycemia and diabetes must abstain from alcohol.