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What can I do if the parasol is dirty

The sun umbrella is a must-have for our summer defense. If the sun umbrella is dirty, can it be cleaned? How to clean it if it can be washed? Today Xiaobian will tell you some tips for cleaning the sun umbrella. Let's have a look.

Is the sun umbrella washable

It can be washed with water. The sun umbrella is necessary for sun protection in summer. Compared with other sun protection methods, the sun umbrella is the best physical sun protection tool.

1. Properly add a little washing spirit and dry it. As for the umbrella bone, it will not rust generally. The high-grade sun umbrella is made of full steel or aluminum or chrome plating.

2. The main function of the sun umbrella is to resist ultraviolet rays. Because the fabric used to make the sun umbrella is relatively fine and contains some small particles, the best washing method is to wash it with water instead of brush.

3. Try not to get water on the umbrella frame to avoid rusting. In fact, the best way is not to buy light colored umbrellas.

What to do if the parasol is dirty

1. Prepare cleaning solvent

Choose the detergent without alkali, pour the detergent into disposable paper cup, as long as the detergent does not pass the bottom of the paper cup. Next is white vinegar. Pour half of it into the glass. Remember it's half a cup, and the other half needs 40 degrees of warm water to fill it. Pour 40 ℃ warm water into the cup. Warm water serves for white vinegar and detergent. Only with warm water can they fully integrate and become more powerful.

2. Master the way of brushing

Brush along the umbrella frame longitudinally and in the same direction, not vertically or horizontally. That would destroy the sunscreen of the umbrella. In addition, we choose detergent without alkali, because such detergent can not only wash off the stains on the umbrella, but also won't hurt the sunscreen layer of the umbrella.

3. Rinse with water

After the surface of the umbrella is brushed, wash it with clean water. Be sure to wash thoroughly, or the surface will leave traces of detergent after the umbrella is dried, which is very ugly.

4. Drying umbrella surface

Open the cleaned umbrella support to dry in the shade until it is completely dry, so as not to rust the umbrella frame.

How to remove the rust stain of parasol

1. Take a small grain of oxalic acid and put it on the rust spot, drop a few drops of water, rub it gently, and then wash it with clean water. Pay attention to fast operation and avoid corrosion.

2. If you have fresh lemon, you can squeeze out its juice and rub it on the rust stain. Repeat several times until the rust stain is removed, and then wash it with soap water. However, it is difficult to remove the light yellow of lemon when using fresh lemon juice to remove rust. Light colored clothing such as white is not recommended.

3. Wipe the rust stain with 10% acetic acid solution, or soak the contaminated part in the acetic acid solution, and rinse it with water the next day.