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What should I pay attention to when parking in summer?

in summer, when you see a lot of vehicles exposed to the sun in the hot sun and a vehicle pulled out of an underground parking space full of water, your heart will ache. In fact, as long as we usually leave snacks and notes, these sad things can be avoided. So, what should we pay attention to when we park in summer?

1. Don't park your car under a tree. In summer, there is a lot of wind and lightning, sometimes the wind can break the branches and hit the car, causing losses; once the lightning knocks down the trees and branches, the losses will be great.

2. Don't park your car in a low place. It's rainy in summer. Originally, the sun is shining brightly. In a short time, there may be a heavy rain. The low-lying area will be flooded instantly. If you can't move your car away in time, the loss of water will be great.

3. Don't park your car on a slope. The long-term use of handbrake is easy to cause handbrake fatigue and affect the braking effect. Once the brake fails and the vehicle slips, the consequences are unimaginable.

4. Don't park your car near the river or cliff. Such places are prone to ground collapse, soil landslide and other geological disasters after rain. If your car is here at this time, the consequences can be imagined.

5. Don't park your car in the sun. Under the hot sun, the car paint will be damaged, the sealant strip will age faster, the tire is easy to blow out, the car interior parts will release toxic and harmful gases under high temperature, the circuit will age fast, and it is easy to happen naturally.

6. Do not park your car in an underground parking space or underground garage with poor drainage in rainy season. Look at the rows of vehicles in the water after the rainstorm, and you will know why.