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Effect of red bean powder of cooked job's tears

Red bean powder of cooked job's tears is a kind of healthy diet, which has a good health care effect on human body. For job's tears, it has the characteristics of clearing intestines and promoting digestion, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach. Red bean powder, also known as red bean powder, has the characteristics of diuresis, detumescence and dehumidification. When they are made together, they will strengthen their health care effect, relieve fatigue, promote tranquilization and increase appetite All of them are very good. Let's take a look at them.

The function of the cooked job's tears red bean powder is:

As for the efficacy, it's really extraordinary. Job's tears, which is called "job's tears" in traditional Chinese medicine, is listed as the top grade in Shennong materia medica. It can cure dampness, benefit the stomach and intestines, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and take it for a long time to lighten the body and Qi. Red bean, called "red bean" in traditional Chinese medicine, also has the obvious effect of promoting water, reducing swelling, strengthening the spleen and stomach. Because it is red, red into the heart, it can also nourish the heart.

Modern people have a lot of mental pressure, deficiency of heart and Qi, irregular diet, less exercise, spleen deficiency and dampness. Not only to dispel dampness, but also to nourish the heart, and also to strengthen the spleen and stomach, not job's tears and red beans. The purpose of making porridge is to make its effective ingredients fully absorbed by the human body, without any burden on the spleen and stomach. It's also interesting about the swelling reducing effect of job's tears and red beans. We must not think that swelling is edema.

Try to look at today's people. At least 5-6 of the 10 people are fat, which is also called body fat. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, either obesity or edema means that the body is wet. Water can't flow with Qi and blood and stay between human cells, which makes the human body expand rapidly. Edema is like this, so is obesity, only the degree is deep and shallow. The medicine or food with strong dehumidification can get rid of the stagnant water in human body, and also can reduce swelling. Therefore, red beans must be used in the treatment of edema, and the practice has proved that red bean congee of job's tears has good weight-loss effect, which can not only lose weight, but also not hurt the body, especially for the middle-aged and old obese people, the effect is particularly good.

Cooked job's tears red bean powder has a certain heat clearing and detoxifying effect, especially in summer to eat some can eliminate heat and fire, at the same time, it has a very good stomach and weight-loss effect, can promote people's healthy diet, fat removal effect is also very obvious. However, it should be noted that people with poor physical fitness are not recommended to drink regularly to avoid negative effects.