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Can you strengthen your muscles by eating eggs? How many eggs a day eggs are rich in nutrition and are popular with people. Many people like to eat eggs and protein powder to strengthen their muscles. Eating too much will have a certain side effect on fitness. The fitness diet pays attention to the balance of nutrition. So do you want to eat eggs or protein powder to strengthen their muscles?

Egg or protein powder

Protein powder can be used as a quick supplement for protein after training, but its nutritional composition is single and should not exceed three spoons a day. Egg protein is rich in protein that is easy to absorb, but also contains amino acids that are needed by human body. It is high quality. However, it is better to control the yolk within two in a day, and the rest can be fed to some stray cats and dogs. At present, for me, I usually replenish egg white protein in my spare time (it's a pity to remove yolk), and use protein powder about 30 minutes after practice.

If your training level is not very strong, it is not recommended to take in too much protein. A strong concept is to train for more than 2 hours every day. If you can't reach this intensity, just ensure a normal diet, balanced nutrition and slightly increase the proportion of protein food. To know that excessive protein intake will increase the burden on the kidney, we have always advocated green fitness, health first, do not rush for quick success and instant benefit to cause harm to health. In my opinion, if it's not for the sake of competition, wouldn't it be better to take fitness and shaping as a long-term hobby without a short-term surprise?

Can eating eggs strengthen your muscles

Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, which is helpful to strengthen muscles. But the yolk can't be eaten more every day. The cholesterol is high. It's enough to eat one yolk at most every day.

Diet: meat, fish, milk, beans and eggs are rich in protein. What is needed for muscle growth is protein. You can eat more of this kind of food in three meals. You can adopt the method of eating less and eating more. Each meal should not be too full. The interval between exercise and diet should be 30 minutes to 1 hour, and 30 minutes absorption after exercise is better than usual. If it's not convenient to eat at ordinary times, you can have some protein powder or muscle powder (it's more suitable for thin people to eat muscle powder first to gain weight). One or two teaspoons of Zengji powder or protein powder can be eaten 30 minutes after exercise.

How many eggs to eat a day

Good each person's weight is different, the protein quality that every day intakes is also different. So if you use eggs as the main source of protein, people of different weights are different. Here's how to calculate it.

For the novice, the training intensity has not kept up with the daily intake of 1.5g per kilogram of body weight is enough. According to the general novice calculation, if a 70kg Muscle Builder (other weights can be analogized in turn), it needs to supplement about (1.5-times; 70) 105g protein.

The protein content of the egg is about 13.3%, and the average weight of an egg is about 40-60g. If it is calculated as 50g, each egg contains about 6.6g protein. If it uses all eggs as the protein source, it needs about 15 eggs. (15 eggs are not recommended)

Some people may ask, why do some bodybuilders only eat protein? Does eating so many eggs do harm to the body.

In the past, the main reason for throwing egg yolk was to worry about cholesterol, but now it has been approved for eggs, so you don't need to worry about cholesterol.

There are still fitness people throwing yolk because of the high content of heat and fat in the yolk, for example, the same weight of protein and yolk, the heat of the yolk is five times higher, in order to control sebum, they choose the protein with low heat and high nutrition.

The calories of 15 whole eggs have exceeded 1000 kcal (the basic metabolism of 70 kg body weight is less than 2000), so if only eggs are the source of protein, it is recommended to eat egg white to avoid muscle gain, but the number of eggs needs to double, 30 chicken protein!