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How to do when the mood is bad?

every one of us will have a time when we are in a bad mood, when we feel everything has no original color, the sky will suddenly collapse. Some friends will find a place to shout when they are in a bad mood. Some friends will play extreme sports to stimulate nerves when they are in a bad mood. Some friends will use alcohol to anesthetize themselves when they are in a bad mood. But it's just a temporary adjustment. When you shout, stimulate your nerves and wake up, your bad mood will come back. Here are several ways to help friends better solve the problem of bad mood!

1. Find out the cause of bad mood

When you are depressed or worried, don't let it develop. The key is to find out the reason. Whether someone misunderstood you or did something wrong by yourself. After finding out the crux of the problem, try to deal with it. If you can't find out the reason, you may be in the 'low tide' or 'dangerous period' of the emotional cycle, or may be affected by the weather and other environment, and it will be good for a while. A study by Professor Laura Dahl of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that lack of sleep has a huge impact on our mood, saying: 'for people who are sleep deprived, the disturbing things are more likely to affect their mood.

2. Do some sports

Go for a walk or do some physical exercises. Write down 10 things you can do, and then start following the list to overcome your body's inertia.

3. Record your thoughts and feelings

In case you realize the reason that makes you depressed and upset, you can record it and turn it over from time to time to see how your record reflects your mood. You can also blog your thoughts and feelings.

4. Find something happy to do

Read books, listen to music, or go out and experience some new things. Watch movies or play with your new iPod.

Make a list of what you want to do. When you're bored, take a look at what's right for you.

5. Release emotions properly

Maintaining a stable mood doesn't mean that you are indifferent and have no emotional response to anything, but that you don't have an uncontrollable attack. It's human nature to be happy, angry, sad and happy. When you meet sad things, you will certainly cry. When you meet happy things, you will certainly be happy, but you should behave appropriately, not excessively or for a long time. For example, the death of a family member is a sad thing. It is harmful to the health of the body to bear not crying. Tears can take away the harmful substances in the body, and also relieve the sadness and tension. But it's not normal to cry constantly. In case of trouble, find a close friend to pour out and say what you want to say, then you can calm down. When your heart is full of resentment and you want to vent to others, you can find some substitutes to vent, such as dropping a few unbreakable dolls, beating a few thick trees, etc. We should learn to vent our emotions, that is, the objects, places, occasions and methods of venting should be appropriate to avoid hurting others.

6. Avoid people or circumstances that annoy you

If you feel bored or bored because of the people around you or your environment, you can avoid it. Although it's impossible to get rid of them completely, you can temporarily avoid them and give yourself a day to do what you like.

7. Deep breathing

When you are too nervous and scared, you can relax your body to relieve your mental tension. You can take a deep breath and then take a slow one. This process can relax the muscles quickly. At the same time, constantly suggest to yourself "relax, relax", and focus on interesting things for a few minutes. These steps can be repeated until some bad emotions are relieved. This method of deep breathing is very simple. It can be repeated many times in both imaginary and real situations. This relaxation method was invented by Boog in 1972.

8. Cultivate curiosity

Cultivate your curiosity about what's going on around you and what's going on with you. You think life is boring because you repeat some patterns of habits. By developing curiosity, you can actively think about what else you can do.

9. Cultivate interests

Cultivate your hobbies, such as painting, playing, cooking, fishing, hiking, etc. If you are proficient in a certain subject, you can teach these skills to others, so as to avoid boredom.

10. Go out and communicate with the outside world

If someone around you is as boring as you are, you are talking together. Usually you start to talk about how boring you are now. If you can find a good person to chat with, your restlessness will soon disappear, and you may learn something.

11. Distract

When emotions react, there is a strong excitement point in the mind. At this time, if one or several new excitement points are established, the original advantage center can be offset or diluted. Middle school students are in a period of intense emotional change, it's easy to be angry about small things. It's harmful to the body to suppress anger. If you let it out, it's harmful to others and yourself. It's better to avoid it for a while and let yourself analyze it calmly to find a more suitable solution. For example, when an exam is not ideal, you don't have to sigh all day long or blame yourself. You can play basketball, take a walk or do some other relaxing activities, such as listening to your favorite music, etc., to relax your mood, and then objectively analyze the reasons for failure, so as to achieve good results next time.

12. Learn to give in

Learn to criticize yourself. Don't put all the blame on others. We should also learn to broaden our psychological capacity so that we can have good cultivation and broad mind. For trivial matters, there is no need to spend a lot of time arguing and pestering, and there is no need to be competitive in everything. We should realize that everyone has advantages and disadvantages, and that everyone's intelligence is limited. It is impossible to surpass others in everything. Otherwise, you will often be trapped in dissatisfaction, anger and self blame.

13. Stimulate imagination

Stimulate your thoughts with imagination. Imagine where you want to go and what you want to be. Use your imagination to simulate your imaginary life. The magic of imagination is that you can create anything you want to experience.