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Can motherwort regulate endocrine disorders? How to regulate endocrine disorders

Sihaiwang: endocrine disorders generally refer to female endocrine disorders, abnormal changes will occur in the body, many women will use motherwort to treat endocrine disorders, so can motherwort really regulate endocrine disorders? Let's have a look.

Can motherwort regulate endocrine disorders

May not.

Motherwort is mainly used to regulate women's menstrual volume, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It has no effect on endocrine disorders. It is suggested that you should not have too much mental pressure at ordinary times, pay more attention to rest, do not work hard, do not stay up late, and form a good habit of working and eating. Take part in outdoor sports to improve your health.

How to regulate endocrine disorders

Chinese medicine conditioning. Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique effect on the adjustment of female endocrine. Generally, through regulating qi and blood, removing blood stasis, tonifying Chong Ren, regulating the functions of female organs, regulating endocrine, eliminating stasis in the body, and making the secretion level of estrogen and progesterone tend to balance. Xiaobian thinks that it is of great significance to pay attention to the regulation of endocrine disorders to maintain family harmony, husband and wife life harmony, and women's physical and mental health.

Diet. The food should be varied in varieties, reasonable in collocation, more close to vegetables and fruits, less greasy and stimulating food, vegetable oil as the main cooking oil, animal oil as the auxiliary to obtain more unsaturated fatty acids, so as to regulate endocrine disorders.

Mental conditioning. To maintain a happy and optimistic mood and a peaceful state of mind, we need to pay special attention to how to relax and relax, reduce psychological pressure, overcome the bad emotions such as anxiety and tension in daily life, strive to improve our self-control ability, and avoid all the bad mental stimulation endocrine disorders such as shock, anger and fear.

Exercise conditioning. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to outdoor exercise, actively participate in fitness activities, and daily work and rest on time to achieve the combination of work and rest. Especially need to control nightlife, should actively ensure adequate sleep.

Detoxification and conditioning. Attention shall be paid to the routine of defecation, urination and sweat glands, so that all wastes and toxins produced by the body can be discharged smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement drinking water in time, pay attention to the prevention and treatment of constipation and other symptoms, and sweat is needed when sweating.