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What should lovers do when they quarrel?

when lovers have a dispute over something, how to do it and what not to do?

Don't say goodbye.

It's not that couples can't break up, but if it's after a fight, it's a passionate break-up, and there are many irrational elements in it. If the relationship is really weak, then calmly talk about it, and then break up. So don't say goodbye after angry quarrel.

Do not continue to stimulate each other.

Now that we are angry with each other, let's not continue to stimulate each other. The most rational way is to leave the battlefield quickly. Don't think it's cowardly performance, on the contrary, it's high IQ and high EQ performance! Only leaving the battlefield can effectively prevent the spread of war!

Don't apologize right away.

After lovers quarrel, it's not impossible to apologize. But most afraid of that kind of perfunctory, hypocritical apology! If you are really aware of your mistakes, you should admit them sincerely instead of apologizing modestly for prevaricating, which is not conducive to the trust building between lovers.

Don't be so indifferent.

Although it's a good thing, I won't suffer from internal injuries. But please don't express it in front of your lover, especially after a fight. You have to express sadness, or the other side will be more angry: think you don't pay attention to her, she will be more angry! It's you. It's an escape.

Don't go to each other's family.

The lover's affairs should still be left to the lover to solve. Don't let the two of you get angry and quarrel. Just go to each other's parents or friends and complain about each other's crimes. It's very stupid. Don't do it. It can only aggravate your contradictions, which is not conducive to the restoration of feelings.

Don't go to drink.

Why don't you borrow wine to relieve your worries? After you wake up, you still have to face the problem. So it's useless to drink. It's just a delay. In addition, drunk sex accidents are also frequent. So, in order to avoid making bigger mistakes, it's better to drink less and solve problems actively.