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Effect and function of Trichosanthes shell

Trichosanthes shell is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is very common in our daily life. What is the medicinal value of Trichosanthes shell? What diseases can be treated? What you want to know is to have a look with Xiaobian.

Medicinal value

The fruit is called whole Trichosanthes and Trichosanthes bark, the seed is called Trichosanthes kernel, and the root is called smallpox powder. The fruit contains saponin, organic acid, fat oil, etc. It's sweet and cold. It has the functions of moistening lung, eliminating phlegm, benefiting qi and broadening chest. Treatment of cough, phlegm, chest pain. Trichosanthes preparation has certain curative effect on angina pectoris of coronary heart disease.

Functional indications

Moisten the lung, dissipate phlegm, disperse the knot, moisten the intestines. Treatment of phlegm heat cough, chest arthralgia, chest, impotence hemoptysis, thirst, jaundice, constipation, carbuncle from the beginning.

Treatment of coronary heart disease.

Daily use Gualou five money, Xiebai four money, made into tablets, three times to take. Twenty five cases were treated and observed for 2-8 weeks. 22 cases showed improvement of symptoms. In 16 cases of ECG reexamination, 14 cases showed that v5t was improved and 2 cases were worsened; 12 cases showed that S-T segment was depressed before taking medicine, 10 cases were improved, 1 case was unchanged and 1 case was worsened; the average amplitude of v5t wave before taking medicine was 0.96mm, and the average amplitude of T wave after taking medicine increased to 2.7mm; the average S-T segment before taking medicine decreased by 0.84mm, and the average S-T segment after taking medicine decreased by 0.27mm. The most obvious change was found in 1 case with old anterior wall myocardial infarction in February before taking medicine, ECG v2-v4qs wave and T wave inversion. After taking medicine, the symptoms of patients improved significantly in November, v2-v4q wave disappeared and v5t wave went up; another case with original angina and sinus stasis, v5t wave was flat, and T wave returned to normal and sinus stasis disappeared after taking medicine in April. After taking the medicine, a few cases felt discomfort in the stomach, and improved after taking aluminum hydroxide. In the observation, Gualou tablet and Xiebai tablet were taken separately. The results showed that the curative effect of Gualou tablet was better than Xiebai tablet. The effect of this tablet on the blood supply of coronary artery may be related to the relaxation of arterial tension and the reduction of heart load.

Through the above introduction, we know the efficacy and function of Trichosanthes shell. Such traditional Chinese medicine can be used in combination with other traditional Chinese medicine at ordinary times. However, we usually use it under the guidance of doctors at ordinary times. Do not use it blindly, so as to prevent injuries to the body.