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When is the show of "evil does not oppress the right"

As an action comedy directed by Jiang Wen, "evil does not oppress the right" is more anticipated with the participation of Peng Yuyan and Liao Fan. This is the sixth film directed by Jiang Wen and the final film of his Republic of China trilogy. When will the plot be released? Let's have a look first.

When is the movie coming out?

This film is adapted from Zhang Beihai's martial arts novel "Xiayin". It tells the story that in 1937, young Xia Li Tianran returned to Peiping after years of secret training in the United States. In this city of international spies, various forces came on the scene one after another, mysterious characters had their own thoughts, and the ancient city was about to usher in a bloodbath. The film was released in China on July 13, 2018.

A brief introduction to the plot of the movie

During the Beiyang Period, north of Beijing. Li Tianran (Peng Yuyan), a martial youth, witnessed his elder martial brother Zhu Qianlong (Liao Fan) conspiring with Japanese spy Ichiro Yamamoto (also played by Akira) to kill the master's family. Li Ran narrowly escaped from the gun and was saved by American doctor Hendler. After his recovery, Li went to aesthetic medicine for many years, and received special agent training at the same time. At the beginning of 1937, Li was suddenly ordered to return to China.

The night before the July 7th incident, Peiping, the city of international spies, was full of temptations and opportunities. Li, who was bent on revenge, didn't know that he was involved in a conspiracy and also disturbed a chess game. At that time, it was like Bruce Lee breaking into Casablanca. LAN Qingfeng (Jiang Wen), a martial arts man of the previous dynasty, is mysterious, closely related to Zhu Qianlong and Yamamoto, and more sympathetic to Hendler. Is it an enemy or a friend? I don't know.

With the escalation of the crisis between China and Japan, the game between the two sides becomes more and more fierce. Li, who has been bewitched by lies and missed opportunities for many times, finally made up his mind to start revenge action with the help of the beauty. Let's see how Li natural, who has the country's hatred for his family and the courage and wisdom, cleans up this mess.

Ten years ago, Li, who had been killed and fled to the United States, returned to Peiping to carry out an agent mission and took the opportunity to avenge Zhu and Yamamoto. Li uses Zhu's lover to leave and wait for an opportunity to act, but is blocked by the mysterious figure blue. Li Tianran falls in love with tailor Guan Qiaohong (Zhou Yunxiu). With the help of Qiaohong, Li successfully revenges and exposes the whole event and characters.

The list of actors

Jiang Wen as blue peak

Introduction to the people of the former dynasty

Peng Yuyan as Li natural

Introduction to martial arts youth

Liao Fan as Zhu Qianlong

Introduction to senior brother Li natural

Zhou Yunxiu Guan Qiaohong

Brief introduction to tailor, Li natural's lover

Xu Qing as Tang Fengyi

Brief introduction to Peiping communication flower

Zetian Qian also acts as Ichiro Yamamoto

Brief introduction to members of Japan's Black Dragon Society

Andi as Hendler

About American doctors