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What should I do if I have blisters on my mouth?

when many people are stressed and tired, there will be a cluster of small blisters on the corners of their mouths. People often call this situation "burning".

Medically, the most common cause of this condition is herpes simplex virus infection.

Many people have been infected with this virus. After that, it will lurk in the human body. When you are stressed, tired and your immunity drops, you will come out to make trouble.

There are blisters on the corner of the mouth. It's good to pay attention to these three things: don't scratch, don't care about him. This kind of blister is usually good for about 10 days. If it's scratched, it's better to cause bacterial infection. If you put on antiviral ointment, you can find a dermatologist and prescribe some antiviral ointment. If the pain is severe, you can ask a doctor to prescribe some painkillers.

Don't Scribble about the secret recipes.

Don't kiss others, especially babies, so as not to infect others with the virus.