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How to get to prickly heat in summer? What should I pay attention to?

in summer, prickly heat often grows, so how can we get rid of prickly heat? Xiaobian uses his own experience to share today how to get to our prickly heat.

1. The first is to keep dry. The long body of our prickly heat is caused by our damp heat. Our first step is to keep dry.

2. Use dispelling heat powder and so on, assist in drying, at the same time anti-inflammatory sterilization. Make sure our skin is dry and our prickly heat gets better quickly.

3. Bath with the use of our water, go to heat water mixed use, reduce itching, comfortable sleep.

4. Wear loose clothes and pants, loose clothes and pants can reduce our sweating, effectively reduce the appearance of our prickly heat.

5. The appearance of prickly heat also has a lot to do with our diet, so we should try to eat some vegetables to get rid of the fire, balsam pear, green melon and so on.