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How to improve the popularity of Weibo comments

Weibo is an interactive platform. In the past three years or so, it has been a hot field, and now it has gradually accumulated many loyal fans. If you want to have a hot topic or event in the field, you can operate it from different aspects.

1. The population of microblog is generally:

1. people;

2. enterprises;

3. organization;

4. Internet Celebrities;

5. Skill Certification Group, etc.

2. Most of the reasons for using Weibo are:

1. adding powder;

2. Increase brand;

3. Increase brand reputation;

4. Increase personal popularity;

5. Increase conversion;

6. Improve network attention.

3. There are many reasons why microblogs are used and sought after by different people on the Internet, most of which are:

1. Interesting points of the topic;

2. Celebrity events;

3. Feedback from real people;

4. The atmosphere of public opinion;

5. The consumption time pays attention to the network dynamics;

6. Work needs, pay attention to the changes of Internet information, etc.

4. To recommend a microblog or a microblog account information to the home page or have more attention, and to let more netizens participate, you can do it from the following points:

1. Have different crowd circles and make different comments;

2. Open the large traffic entrance to let more people view this message;

3. Open corresponding activities or topic recommendation to let different groups participate in;

4. The topic is controversial, with characteristics and interests. Let's argue together.

5. Only when there are disputes, features and divine reviews on the Internet can more people participate in them. Then, when making comments, you need to add some:

1. Interesting comments;

2. There are keyword comments;

3. Information oriented;

4. There are turning points;

5. It has the characteristics of people's attention.