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What should be paid attention to before self driving travel

now, the pleasure of traveling is no longer satisfied with trekking, but like to stimulate, and focus on the natural scenery rarely touched by people. Young donkeys prefer to travel by themselves. First of all, safety comes first in the journey. Let's listen to the old drivers? What should we pay attention to before driving? Come and have a look

tools / raw materials

Trailer rope, grounding wire, walkie talkie, air pump, toolbox, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flashlight, gloves, dash cam, Sports Camera

Headscarves, playing cards, chewing gum, mountain bikes, fishing equipment, needle bags, tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, wine, survival posts

Necessary equipment

1. Trailer rope

The road conditions that self driving should face are originally complex. Muddy roads, gravel roads, mountain climbing and water wading are all home-made dishes in the eyes of self driving drivers. If you are unlucky enough to lie down, where can you call a trailer in this wilderness? The so-called far water can't save the near fire. What can you compare with your fellow riders pulling a hand and jumping out of the dilemma. In addition, in terms of feelings, sometimes self driving encounters a car lying on the ground and gets help from friends in the same industry. This memory is definitely more unforgettable. After all, mutual help is also one of self driving spirits.

At present, the most common Trailer ropes in the market are divided into 5 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons and 15 tons. For general household vehicle rescue, 5 tons is enough. If you drive an SUV and have cross-country demand, it is recommended to choose a 10 tons or higher tonnage trailer rope.

2. Ground wire

As a very important tool, the market is full of a lot of cheap but relatively fine wires. When you buy, you can't just be greedy for cheap. You can get goods for a penny. The poor quality of the grounding wire can't bear the large current, which will seriously threaten the personal safety. If the famous brand is used for the grounding wire, it can ensure its normal operation. Comparison of goods is also one of the best ways to buy good goods.

3. Walkie Talkie

How to use the walkie talkie when the motorcade goes out? It can not only save a lot of mobile phone costs, but also show special importance when the mobile phone has no signal. If a team has more than six cars, group the teams. 1 set for every 3 vehicles. In this way, it is convenient to drive and can effectively prevent rear end collision. It's convenient for camping.

4. Inflation pump

The tires can be inflated when the vehicle air pump is prepared, which is energized through the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle. It should be noted that the best way to pump is to start the car first, so that the charging pump can operate at the maximum power, and in addition, it can prevent the battery from running out of power. According to the size of wheels, we can buy different power inflation pumps, generally the most common is car inflation pump, large trucks and buses can buy special inflation pump.

5. Toolbox

Today's cars are basically equipped with accompanying tools, which are basically placed in the spare wheel position or on both sides of the rear compartment, equipped with Jack, bolt wrench and trailer connecting ring.

6. Fire extinguisher

I believe that many owners and friends do not have the habit of equipping the fire extinguisher in the car. It seems that the fire extinguisher is useless. In case of danger, if the fire extinguisher can be used at the first time, I believe that the loss of the vehicle will be very small. Generally, the vehicle mounted fire extinguishers are divided into dry powder or carbon dioxide, but there may be all differences due to the different use modes designed, so it is recommended to read the use modes of the fire extinguishers as much as possible when free.

7. First aid kit

It is also necessary to have a regular first-aid kit in the car. In addition to common medicines, there are some common first-aid supplies such as sterilized gauze and bandages. Friends who often drive in the wild suggest adding medical supplies according to the characteristics of the driving area, so as to be prepared.

8. Strong flashlight

It is very useful to have a flashlight in the car. In addition, if you are a car mate who likes outdoor exploration very much, Xiaobian suggests that you should equip an outdoor special business flashlight in your car, because it can be used for self-defense, charging your mobile phone, sending out a distress signal, etc. in addition to lighting, it will be very useful in the wild.

9, gloves

I think many friends have the experience of changing tires. After a long time spent changing tires, I reached out and saw that my hands were dirty.

10. Dash cam, motion camera

When it comes to dash cam, many friends will use it as a single dash cam recorder. Yes, it's the duty of this kind of products to restore the truth of the accident and avoid the occurrence of "porcelain bumping". However, with the continuous development of such products, the improvement of imaging quality and the continuous enrichment of built-in functions, some dash recorders are not only equipped with shutter buttons (convenient for users to record the beautiful scenery along the way at any time), but also support the function of network video sharing and live broadcasting, which greatly improves the extension of dash recorders' functions and the playability of products.

Free choice of personal equipment

1, scarf

It can be used for neckwear, headscarf, mask, hat, sweat wicking strip, and eye mask when sleeping. Especially in the plateau area, the ultraviolet light is strong and the dust is big. The headscarf can wrap the whole face, which is very useful. And wearing a headscarf is a little professional~

2. Playing cards, chewing gum

You can play cards after a bonfire party or at rest. It's good to have a gum after dinner or when driving is boring.

3. Mountain bike

Bicycles can go to places where cars can't, which is very useful.

4. Fishing apparatus

If you like fishing, take it with you. By the brook with flowing water, three or five beams of sunlight pass through the crown of the tree and hit you. In an instant, the fisherman is also beautiful.

5. Needle and thread bag

No matter in the age of Long March or in the modern army, the needlework bag has always been a necessary item in the field. Of course, the function of modern needle and thread bag is not only the original simple sewing and mending, the needle can not only prick, but also bend into a fishhook in some cases, improve food, and even save lives.

6, tent

To choose one place to sleep is to write freehand~

7. Hammock sleeping bag

With the tent, plus the hammock and sleeping bag, the perfect match.

8, wine

In the evening, a bonfire is built, surrounded by car mates, who eat meat, drink wine, talk about everything, laugh loudly! There is always a box of water and two bottles of good wine in the car, which are tools for tools -- lubricant for car mates and other things like relieving fatigue and urging dreams.

Warning: for the safety of you and your family, never drive after drinking!

9. Survival post

In fact, it's a general whistle, but in the wild, the role of whistle is not a black whistle on the court. Now it can save your life. When you are in danger, you can use the whistle to rescue, or scare away some small animals (if it's tigers, bears and other beasts, that's OK ~). Of course, the above equipment is more important for self driving tour. In addition to these, there are also food, drink, clothing, mosquito prevention supplies and so on.