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The latest ranking of "Big Mac index" in 2018 in 2018, the latest ranking of "Big Mac index" came out. Let's have a look at the ranking with Xiaobian.

The "Big Mac index" was first launched by the economist in September 1986. It is an informal economic index, which is used to measure whether the exchange rates of the two currencies are reasonable in theory on the premise that the PPP theory is established. As McDonald's restaurants have long been a sign of globalization, the pricing of a national big Mac also reflects the national economy and consumption capacity.

UBS recently released its latest ranking of the "Big Mac index" in 2018. In Hong Kong, China, workers can buy a "Big Mac" hamburger with an average of about 10 minutes' work, while in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it takes nearly an hour. In 2018, Sao Paulo people need to work an average of 52.5 minutes to buy a 'Big Mac' burger, compared with 25 minutes in 2015.

In Rio, the working time needed to buy 'Big Mac' hamburger also increased from 32 minutes in 2015 to 56.7 minutes. At the top of the list are Hong Kong, China, where workers need only 11.8 minutes to work to buy a 'Big Mac' hamburger, followed by Taiwan, China (12 minutes) and Tokyo, Japan (12.2 minutes). At the bottom of the list is Nairobi, Kenya, where workers need to work 1033.8 minutes to buy the product.