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100 birthday gifts for boys!

there are many birthday gifts for boys. When choosing a birthday gift for a boy, it's best to know what he needs, what he likes, and what his personality is. Then, choose a birthday gift for him according to the different gift characteristics introduced below. The birthday present sent out in this way ensures that he will like and be satisfied. The best birthday gift can be given only when you invest well and invest what you need!

1. Understand his needs, preferences or character;

2. Select gifts according to the following gift categories;

3. DIY gift is a good choice;

1. Practical / common gifts:

Zippo lighter, shirt, tie, wallet, belt, leather bag, razor, pen, tie clip, socks, men's skin care products, digital camera, shoes, mobile phone, iPad or peripheral, iPhone or peripheral, cup, U disk, mouse, 3C digital products, underwear, mobile power supply, operation equipment (badminton racket, star jerseys, thruster, etc.), audio, headset, Bluetooth headset Mountaineering bag, glasses, card holder!

2、 Romantic gift:

Digital photo frames, lovers shirts, lucky stars, couples, men's perfume, cross stitch, bamboo slips, love pillow, crystal ornaments, birthday papers, greeting cards, lettering purses, rings, birthday candle sets, hourglass, discolouration cups, multifunctional electronic fish tanks, romantic Mini lamps, projection lamps, crystal music boxes, pendants, book love, Golden Rose Bouquet!

3、 DIY/ lettering gift:

Bag, pen, comb, rose, bracelet, pendant, ring, Buddha bead, ornament, lighter, crystal trophy, hairpin, U disk, DIY cake, DIY scarf, DIY lucky star, DIY thousand paper crane, DIY cross stitch, DIY clay figurine, DIY album, DIY mobile phone shell, lettering crystal, lettering fire machine!

4. Creative gifts:

Lie detector, ship model, mobile power supply, lighter, alarm clock, table lamp, water cup, love thermometer, electric person lighter, cage ghost, car model, accessories (globe, etc.), toys, decompression ball, wood clock, skull ashtray, funny mask, solar energy toys, origami jigsaw, constellation key chain, death party medal, doll, greeting card, bookmark, pen, cup, memorial book!

5. Couple gift:

Couple rings, couple shirts, couple dolls, couple pillows, couple bracelets, couple shoes, couple glasses, couple underwear, couple accessories, couple pendants, couple pajamas, couple mobile phone shell!

6. &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; spoof / horror gift:

Simulation snake, skeleton ornament, frighten wooden box, curse doll!