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How to fall asleep at night? How to fall asleep quickly

it's hard to sleep every night. The pain of insomnia is very painful. How to fall asleep quickly at night? Seven ways to get you to sleep quickly, help insomnia people please pain. Among these ways to help sleep, the time of sleep and what to eat before sleep are the most critical places, which also have an important impact on the quality of sleep.

Method / step

1、 Self relaxation training

It is still a method of psychological relaxation.

Lie in bed, close your eyes and breathe naturally. Then focus on the hands or feet, the whole body muscles are extremely relaxed, with a heavy feeling to experience the degree of muscle relaxation. Meditate on the words of self suggestion: 'my feet are heavier and heavier', 'my legs are heavier and heavier'... 'my whole body is heavier and heavier'. Once you realize the idea that has nothing to do with the heavy feeling of limbs, you should stop immediately and focus on the experience of the heavy feeling of hands and feet. Generally, patients can relax and fall asleep during the exercise. It has a good effect to train this method for a period of time.

2、 Music therapy

If you relax, you can fall asleep safely.

Before going to bed, a soft, monotonous piece of music may have some effect. Listening to good music is like sitting in the old locust tree and listening to the beautiful fairy tales told by the old grandmother on a summer night, or like the beach in the sun, which makes people relaxed and happy, forgetting their worries temporarily and relaxing, so that they can fall asleep safely.

No matter whether you are easy to fall asleep or not, master the following ten tips to promote sleep, which can save you from insomnia and make your sleep more sweet.

3、 Don't sleep, don't sleep: it seems inhumane to apply this method to people who are awake when lying down. 'I am suffering from sleeplessness and physical and mental fatigue, why do you still let me not sleep? 'but it's the best way to solve insomnia. It's not suitable for the insomnia of night owl type, because he hasn't got the time to go to bed yet! 'don't sleep' is to tell yourself that you can't sleep without falling asleep. The specific methods are: 1. Go to bed when you want to go to bed; 2. Get out of bed immediately if you don't fall asleep within 10 to 15 minutes, read books or watch TV, read books that are easy to pick up or put down, read articles that are easy to understand, such as short stories, comic stories, or stories you like in childhood. Or write down the thoughts that can't stop in your mind. If you don't feel sleepy, don't stop. If you still can't fall asleep after going to bed again, get out of bed again, and concentrate on doing the same thing again. 3. No matter how you sleep at night, let the alarm clock wake you up in the morning on time. 4. Don't nap in the daytime. Even if you are sleepy, tell yourself that you can rest until the time you sleep at night 。

4、 Calcium in a cup of warm milk is a sedative. It is a good habit to drink warm drinks, which can relax the body, just like a reward at the end of a day's life. Milk contains two hypnotics. One is L-tryptophan, which can promote the synthesis of sleep serotonin. Due to the effect of L-tryptophan, it usually only needs a glass of milk to make people sleep. The other is the peptides that regulate the physiological functions of the body, including several kinds of 'opioid peptides'. These substances can be combined with the central nerve or peripheral opioid receptor, play the role of opium like anesthesia and analgesia, make the whole body feel comfortable, conducive to sleep and relieve fatigue, and will not make people addicted. The hypnotic effect of milk on neurasthenia caused by deficiency of body is particularly obvious. Therefore, you can drink a cup of warm milk before you go to bed.

Related information: onions and milk are good for sleep. At present, there is a popular remedy for insomnia among Romanian people: drink a cup of hot milk mixed with chopped onions or onion juice an hour before going to bed. It is said that it can make people sleep well and sleep well. For those who don't want to drink milk, they can also eat a small plate of chopped green onion before going to bed. A small amount of salt and olive oil (or sesame oil) can be put in the onion. People who can't sleep well due to high blood pressure can put chopped onions into a glass of water, then put some vinegar and olive oil (or sesame oil) into it. Drink the glass of water half an hour to 40 minutes before going to bed, and eat a small piece of bread when drinking water. Insomniacs in the 'tonic medicine is not as good as tonic' today, if the use of appropriate diet, there will be a certain hypnotic effect.

5、 Take a bath before going to bed

Take a hot bath 60-75 minutes before going to bed to relax your body, because bathing can raise your temperature and make you sleepy. Take a bath before going to bed. However, we should pay attention to the following problems: 1. The water temperature is suitable for 37-40 ℃. Exceeding 40 ℃ will speed up the heartbeat, stimulate sympathetic nerves, make people too excited to sleep. A temperature rise of 0.5-1 ℃ after bathing is conducive to deep sleep, and a temperature rise of more than 2 ℃ is not conducive to sleep. 2. The best time is 20-30 minutes in warm water at 37-40 ℃. People are easy to fall asleep when their body temperature drops, and their body temperature will rise after bathing, so it's best to take a short interval after bathing, and go to bed after their body temperature drops.

6、 Before you go to bed, you should keep your mood stable. Please put your worry aside for a while, don't think about it, close your eyes and go to sleep quietly. Don't think about it. Something can be left for discussion tomorrow. Take a deep breath, listen to music or songs that are slow and not exciting, and let the confused mood relax with the music rhythm. Focus method: it is applicable to people with rich imagination who fall asleep slowly or suffer from insomnia. They always have a expectation or worry before going to bed. They expect to fall asleep quickly and worry about insomnia. In fact, it's all bad hints. It's like saying to myself repeatedly that I haven't fallen asleep. The specific way is: in view of this situation, it's better to let yourself do such a thing during the tough time before going to bed -- focus on letting your mind think about a problem. The problem can be to conceive a long letter to someone, or to make up a long story, or to imagine yourself walking in a favorite environment to capture your listening, smelling, touching, smelling, visual feeling, etc. If you fall asleep unconsciously in the process, you can continue the unfinished imagination of the previous day on the second day. Clinically, the number of cases caused by physiological factors, disease factors, drug factors and dietary factors is far less than that caused by psychological factors.

7、 Stay away from the TV one hour before going to bed. Stay away from the TV one hour before going to bed, because the flashing light on the TV screen will excite people's nerves and affect sleep. Using a computer before going to bed may cause adverse effects on sleep. Studies have shown that body temperature increases during daytime activities and decreases during night sleep. If the temperature difference between the two is large, it is easy to get deep sleep. Those who sleep shallowly are mostly due to low body temperature during the day, low body temperature at night and low temperature difference between nerves. From 6 o'clock in the morning, the temperature of the brain will gradually rise, moderate in the afternoon, reach the highest point at dusk, and begin to decline two or three hours after nightfall, until the lowest point of the day's brain temperature appears in the early morning. Before going to bed, carrying out intense exercise and using computer can make the temperature rise and destroy the law of temperature change. In the process of using the computer, the bright display screen and the activity of the opening and closing program have strong stimulation to the eyes and nervous system, making the body temperature in a relatively high working state. Central nervous day and night temperature difference is small, the quality of sleep is naturally poor. May wish to bathe with warm water before going to bed, drink a cup of hot milk, can reduce the symptoms of sleep disorders.

There are also some methods recommended by friends:

1. Distractions count down from 300, decreasing by 3 at a time

Many people have trouble falling asleep because they can't distract, and this kind of complicated and boring counting method is an effective distraction technique.

2. Don't drink coffee after 2 p.m

If you have trouble falling asleep, it's best not to eat caffeinated food or drink after about 2 p.m. The effect of caffeine in the body can last for more than 8 hours. After 50 years old, due to the slow metabolism, the retention time of caffeine in the body even reaches 10 hours. Therefore, caffeine not only affects sleep, but also reduces sleep quality.

3. Take a hot bath before going to bed

Take a hot bath 60-75 minutes before going to bed, the water temperature shall not be lower than 38C, and the bath time shall not be less than 20 minutes. Hot bath helps to relax muscles and improve the core temperature of the body. When you leave the bath, the body temperature will gradually decrease, and the secretion of brain antidiabetic hormone will increase, making you tired and easy to sleep.

4. Stop exercising 4 hours before going to bed

Exercise is good for sleep. But it is better not to exercise within 4 hours before going to bed, otherwise exercise will make the body excited and difficult to sleep.

5. Lower bedroom temperature

When the bedroom temperature is 18 ℃ - 24 ℃, and the bed temperature is 27 ℃, the sleep quality is the best.

6. Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime

When the bedroom room temperature is 18-24 ℃, and the bed temperature is 27-30 ℃, the sleep quality is the best.

7. Pay attention to the bedroom lights

The bedroom light has the function of adjusting the biological clock. Too bright will lead to the brain melatonin secretion reduction, too awake, difficult to sleep. It is best to choose a darker and softer reading light before going to bed. During sleep, it is best to turn off all light sources.

8. Buy a comfortable bed

Usually, changing a comfortable mattress can greatly improve the quality of sleep. Too soft a mattress can lead to poor sleeping posture, muscle stiffness and back problems. In general, the mattress should be replaced every 5-10 years.

9. Limit daytime sleep

Sleep at night. Napping during the day can lead to 'deprivation' of sleep at night. The daytime sleep time is strictly controlled within 1 hour, and can't go to sleep after 3 p.m..

10. Don't eat or drink before you go to bed.

Eat a small amount of dinner about two hours before going to bed, and don't drink too much water, because constant use of the toilet at night will affect the quality of sleep; don't eat spicy food rich in fat at night, because these food will also affect sleep.

11. Keep quiet. Turn off the TV and radio, because quiet is very beneficial to improve the quality of sleep.

12. Buy some lavender essential oil. You can order it in a censer without a censer. You can also apply it directly between your lips and nose to help you sleep ~ ~ of course, the best way is to relax and sleep better~

13. Before going to bed, you can properly listen to the music with relaxed and beautiful melody. Music is the healer of the soul. In the relaxed and happy melody, you can enjoy yourself and forget your troubles, which can create a good sleeping environment.

14. If possible, you can go to climb mountains, or travel to climb mountains, see the sea, feel the magnificent scenery, embrace the nature, and integrate into the nature. You can not only vent, but also relax, and enjoy the natural beauty, which is helpful to relax the tense nerves, so as to enter the sleep state faster.

15. Weekly moderate exercise can help improve sleep quality. Men recommend basketball and women recommend badminton. You can also walk for 45 minutes or jog for 30 minutes. The best exercise time is from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. or take a walk for about an hour after supper.

16. Massage the temples and arms before going to bed will help relieve the pressure and improve the quality of sleep.

18. If there is pressure or upset, you can confide your frustration and pain to your family and close friends, so that warm family and friendship can share your worries and losses, which is also very helpful for sleep.

19. Don't go before bed