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Why do cell phones burn easily? Six moves for you

Many people are puzzled how to do with the frequent perm of mobile phones? How to solve the problem? Six moves to help you easily handle it. Let's have a look with Xiaobian

1. Too many background programs

When there are too many programs running in the background, the CPU is overloaded, which is easy to cause heating.

Solutions: 1. Turn off unused or not commonly used function switches. Such as WiFi, GPS, automatic synchronization, screen brightness, etc. 2. After using the program, press the return key to exit the program. If necessary, you can clear the phone with one key to exit all programs. 2. Application software problems

If the program software itself has problems, or the application requirements are high, especially the game software. It may increase the current of the mobile phone, resulting in heating.

Solution: do not use applications with problems or high hardware requirements, and use other normal similar applications instead.

3. Environmental impact

Holding the mobile phone for a long time, using the mobile phone in the hot environment, etc., the high ambient temperature causes the mobile phone to heat up. Using the mobile phone in the environment of poor signal and network makes the power of the mobile phone increase, which leads to the phone heating.

Solution: try to use the mobile phone at normal room temperature with good network signal. 4. Play mobile while charging

Playing mobile phone while charging is a parallel process of charging and discharging, so heating is inevitable.

Solution: try to avoid using mobile phones when charging.

5. Long time use of mobile phone

For example, long-term Internet access, call, game, video, etc., with more data transmission and high CPU utilization, lead to heat.

Solution: suspend the use of mobile phone, if the heat is serious, shut down or restart the forced heat dissipation to avoid burning the mobile phone. In fact, the mobile phone on the floor of the ceramic tile cooling effect is very fast. 6. Other reasons

Mobile phone fever may be caused by mobile phone system and other factors.

Solution: if you can't find out the cause, you can call after-sales for consultation, or go to after-sales for professional testing. After sales calls and addresses can be found in mobile phone settings & rarr; more settings & rarr; after sales service.