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What should we pay attention to when riding electric vehicles

now electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Whether in rural areas or large cities, for office workers, riding electric vehicles to work has become the main way of travel for everyone. Many people feel safer when riding electric vehicles, especially carelessly, which may cause many accidents. So what should we pay attention to when riding electric vehicles? Let's take a look today.

Method / step


First of all, if we go out to ride an electric vehicle, the first and most important thing is to abide by the traffic rules, so as to ensure our own safety, especially when crossing the road, do not run the red light, yield to pedestrians, and ride in a civilized manner.


In addition, before you ride an electric vehicle, you should do a good job in safety inspection, especially the front and rear tires every day, so as not to run out of gas on the way, which will affect your journey. Of course, the brake also needs to be checked. In addition, if you ride an electric vehicle at night, you need to check whether the lights are in good condition.


Also, when riding electric vehicles, we should pay attention to protecting ourselves and prepare some safety equipment for ourselves. In order to protect your head, you can wear a helmet. Of course, if you ride an electric vehicle for a long time, you need to wear goggles to protect your eyes.


Of course, when we ride electric vehicles, it's better to take the electric vehicle lane instead of grabbing the route with the vehicle. It's better to be far away from the vehicle. If there is an emergency, there will be appropriate response and adjustment time.


When riding an electric vehicle over a zebra crossing, you should pay special attention, especially in rainy days, when washed by rain, it will be very slippery. When the electric car passes by, it may be slippery. Pay attention to this.


Now many people have mobile phone control, especially when riding electric vehicles, some people like to ride while playing with mobile phones, which is a very dangerous behavior. Of course, we are allowed to make phone calls, and it is better to park the car on the side of the road to answer the phone, which is safer.