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How to deal with the hot mobile phone in summer

mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but also has the application of Internet, life payment and so on. It is more and more close to people's daily life. In the daily use of mobile phones, there will also be some problems, such as when using mobile phones, the mobile phone is hot, especially in summer, it is more likely to generate a mobile phone hot situation, so what should we do?

Method / step


Ventilate the phone.

Now the mobile phone is not only powerful, but also very beautiful in appearance. It adopts a fully closed, non detachable (shell) manufacturing process. This leads to the use of mobile phones, high heat, poor heat dissipation, resulting in a hot mobile phone. So if the mobile phone is hot, try not to use the mobile phone protection shell, which can make the mobile phone have a good heat dissipation effect and reduce the phenomenon of mobile phone hot.


Turn off the self start function.

When we exit the program we use, some programs will run automatically in the background, increasing the power consumption of the mobile phone, generating heat, causing the mobile phone to burn. In the phone settings, find the auto start function, and then turn off the auto start function of the program.


Uninstall infrequently used software.

There are too many programs installed on the mobile phone, resulting in the overload of the processor, which will also lead to the increase of the heat of the mobile phone, resulting in the situation of burning, and unloading some infrequently used software.


Don't use the phone while charging.

Charging your phone will increase the heat of your phone. If you use your phone while charging, plus the high temperature in summer, your phone will burn. The most obvious situation is that when Xiaobian uses mobile phone navigation while driving, he uses mobile phone navigation while charging, and his mobile phone bursts in front of the dashboard, resulting in overheating and unable to charge.


Install anti-virus software to kill virus for mobile phone.

Anti virus software should be installed on the mobile phone, and anti-virus should be carried out frequently. Because the mobile phone virus will also increase the load of the mobile phone, generate heat, and make the mobile phone hot.


Cool down your phone.

If you are outdoors, try not to let your mobile phone explode. When you use it, you should also find some cool places. If your cell phone is hot indoors, stop using it unnecessarily, such as playing games online. And put the mobile phone in the air conditioner, or in a cool environment, immediately cool down to avoid damaging the mobile phone.