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What is the impact of the biggest change in wechat subscription number wechat is the most popular online social platform at present. Recently, wechat subscription number has ushered in the biggest change in history. Let's take a look.

Subscription number information is no longer in the form of a list, but in the order of time, that is, information flow mode.

At the same time, the subscription number message entry becomes shallow. Not only that, it will also show 'several friends have read the article'.

Self media people and relevant practitioners for this major revision, the industry response can be described as a lot of noise, a lot of words.

Change of subscription number information list

More like information flow

After the revised WeChat official account subscribe, users browse more like information flow.

According to the official introduction, the mass message of subscription number will be directly displayed in the message list in the form of 'title + cover map', and users can read it directly after entering the subscription number message list. At the same time, it optimizes the display of video, picture, voice and other messages.

The contents of the subscription number information list are displayed according to the time of mass delivery, and the latest published contents are at the top.

In the information flow of title + cover map, each official account shows only two articles at the top, and the remaining ones are folded up. Only click on the rest of the articles to open.

In the new version of message display, graphics, video and multiple pieces of information are still directly arranged in chronological order, and the content displayed in the list is still the mass message of the subscription number that users pay attention to, that is, the recommendation mechanism is still the subscription relationship.

At the same time, the new version provides switching options: users can click the top right corner of the subscription number message list to enter the subscription number session list and find the top subscription number. However, there are some subtle changes in the layout to remind the unread number of small red dots and numbers disappear.

According to wechat official introduction: 'top' changed to 'star sign'.

The subscription number name of the user's front top appears' star sign '. The subscription number message of' star sign 'is also sorted by time and is no longer placed at the top. At the same time, in the subscription number list box of wechat chat main interface and the subscription number message list after entering, you will read it with the asterisk prompt. The user can continue to set the subscription number as a star.

In addition, on the subscription number message page, clicking the corporate ID will jump to the profile page instead of the dialogue page, and the "cancel attention" button on the profile page is very prominent.