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What are the benefits of eating fungi often

Sihai network: all kinds of fungi are mostly wild growing. They absorb the essence of the world. They contain a variety of nutrients, such as letinous edodes, Flammulina velutipes and Auricularia auricula. However, different fungi have different nutritional value. So in order to be able to choose their own food, we should understand the benefits of food. What's the advantage of knowing to eat fungus?

Fungus is a general term for all kinds of saprophytic organisms. There are many kinds of wild fungi in nature, and the only things we eat most are the following kinds, such as shiitake mushroom, agaric fungus, tremella, Pleurotus ostreatus, Flammulina velutipes, etc. Here are the benefits of eating these fungi.

1 letinous edodes

Rich in vitamins, it is very helpful for the metabolism of human body, and it can strengthen human body;

2 Auricularia auricula

Rich in vitamins and iron, can effectively prevent or treat iron deficiency anemia;

3 Tremella fuciformis

It has a strong nourishing effect and is often used for the recovery of patients' cultivation. It is mostly used for soup making, which can reduce fire, nourish stomach, nourish and promote body fluid;

4 Pleurotus ostreatus

It's the most commonly eaten fungus, and it's easy to breed, so the price is the most favorable. It can relax the muscles and activate the collaterals, which is good for all aspects of the body;

Mushroom (fresh mushroom) is suitable for people: common people can eat it

1. It is especially suitable for the patients with low immunity, hypertension, the elderly and diabetes;

2. However, if the mushroom is slippery, it will be eaten with caution if it is released; it is forbidden to eat poisonous wild mushroom

Therapeutic effect of mushroom (fresh mushroom):

Mushroom taste sweet, cool, stomach, large intestine by;.

It is good for appetizing the spirit, resolving phlegm and regulating qi, tonifying the spleen and supplementing qi;

Indications: low spirit, loss of appetite, phlegm and nuclear coagulation, vomiting and diarrhea, turbid urine, etc.

Mushroom (fresh mushroom) practice guidance:

1. Fresh products can be washed directly; dried mushroom products can be soaked in warm water for about half a day, and then rotated in a water basin to remove sand particles.

2. After the mushroom root is removed, it can be fried, fried, fried, mixed and made into soup, brewed, steamed and baked, and it can also be used as ingredients for various meat and vegetable dishes. It is one of the high-grade edible mushroom dishes at the banquet. Specifically, mushrooms can be made into braised mushrooms, sliced fresh mushrooms, mushroom Guoba, mushroom egg soup, mushroom duck, mushroom stewed water chestnut, mushroom fried beancurd, mushroom stewed tofu and other dishes.

3. Mushrooms are hard to keep. They turn yellow after a long time, and the back of the meat umbrella turns brown. If it's heated, even if it's a little brown, you don't need to care. But if it's eaten raw, you should choose fresh mushrooms, cut them and pour lemon or vinegar on them to prevent them from changing color.

5 Flammulina velutipes

It is rich in amino acids, which is very helpful for children's growth and development, and the elderly can also achieve balanced nutrition by using it frequently;

Matters needing attention

Although all kinds of fungi have good nourishing and even medical effects, it is not that the more you eat, the better; the practices of fungi are different, and the loss of nutrients is also different. Different kinds of bacteria need different production methods, such as Tremella is very suitable for porridge.

Generally, fungus should not be eaten with fish or hawthorn. Nutrients are not easily absorbed. Eat more bacteria to enhance immunity, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti radiation, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, liver, stomach, weight loss.

The above is a detailed explanation of the benefits of eating fungus. As one of the military forces, Moore can also play a very good role in preventing iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, he can help his body a lot, strengthen people's physique and improve the body's immunity. Of course, in order to ensure the health of the body, he should do more sports.