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What are the benefits of swimming? What are the swimming precautions

Four seas net: when it comes to swimming, it can be said that everyone is very familiar with a sport, and there are many ways to swim, such as backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and so on, as well as synchronized swimming in competition items. Especially in the hot summer, you can get rid of the heat by swimming. There are many people who want to exercise by swimming. So what are the benefits of swimming? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What are the benefits of swimming

1. It can prevent heatstroke. In hot weather, swimming in indoor swimming pool can play the role of heatstroke prevention and cooling, because the speed of heat dissipation in water is nearly 20 times faster than in air, so the heat generated by human body in water is far less than the heat emitted to the outside, which has a good cooling effect, one of the best choices for heatstroke prevention.

Reminder: it is suggested to control the time within two hours as much as possible. Too long immersion time will damage the thermoregulation function, which is not good for the body.

2. Helps to increase vital capacity. When swimming, you can choose to snorkel or breaststroke appropriately, or take a deep breath slowly to fill the lungs with air, then hold your breath and slowly dive into the water, and then slowly exhale the air until all are exhaled. In this way, long-term training can slowly improve cardiopulmonary function and lung capacity.

Tip: when doing the diving, it's suggested that someone should hold his or her hand and let him or her pull you up immediately after you have finished holding your breath, so as to avoid too much water resistance, resulting in his or her inability to react and being choked by the water.

3. Helps lose weight. Because of the fast heat dissipation of the human body in the water, and swimming requires full body movement, hands and feet, head movement to beat the water surface together, and the resistance of the water is also large, people consume more physical energy in the water, which is a very good and effective method for people who want to lose weight. Especially for women, it can also play the role of closing the abdomen and slimming the buttocks, making the body more curvy and beautiful.

Tip: before swimming, it is recommended to eat a piece of bread to supplement energy. It takes a lot of energy to lose weight in swimming.

4. Helps build resistance. Due to the fast heat dissipation of human body in water, in order to adjust body temperature, the body needs to continuously supplement energy, accelerate metabolism of new city, constantly balance the temperature inside and outside the body, and increase the adaptability to the change of external temperature, so as to play a role in resisting the cold. For people who swim for a long time, their own resistance is gradually increasing.

Tips: if you choose winter swimming properly, you can regulate your internal secretion, improve your ability to resist cold and wind

5. Helps keep you in perfect shape. Because when people are swimming, they need to overcome all kinds of resistance of water, consume physical energy, do anaerobic exercise, and be able to effectively burn fat into muscle, which is just different from the exercise of bodybuilding on land. Swimming can reduce the impact on the bones on the land, and by overcoming the water resistance, it can make the overall muscles more streamlined and more symmetrical.

Although there are many benefits of swimming, in order to ensure the safety of swimming, we need to do a good warm-up exercise before entering the water, for example, do leg pressing, hand waving, bending on the shore, and then check the swimming equipment. Beginners must practice correctly under the guidance of the instructor.