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Do you want to have dinner during weight loss? How to eat during weight loss

with the rapid development of society, people's requirements for things are higher and higher, and their own requirements are also higher and higher. Many girls and children attach great importance to their own figure. They choose not to eat at night or even eat only one meal a day to lose weight, so do you want to eat dinner during the weight loss period, and how to eat during the weight loss period? Let's take a look

1. The most recommended diet:

Dinner (less) or no meat

It's better to eat a small bowl of main food (preferably with thick and thin dishes) + a large plate of light cooking vegetables and vegetables (it's better to eat more than several kinds of vegetables, all kinds of vegetables are matched). If you don't like meat, don't eat more than three mouthfuls of meat at most.

That's about 300-400 calories, just right.

What's the point of life without meat? Of course, to eat meat, you just move the order and put the meat you need every day in breakfast and lunch. Remember, the meat we need every day is about the size of a tennis ball. Eating too much meat is also a burden to our body.

In fact, it's not just to lose weight. From the perspective of health preservation, it's better for the body to eat dinner. Eating too much meat for dinner not only has the risk of obesity, but also has many health risks--

1. Risk of colorectal cancer: during sleep, bile secretion is reduced, protein digestion is slow, and protein produces toxic substances under the action of intestinal bacteria; in addition, small amount of activity and entering sleep state make intestinal wall wriggle slowly, prolong the time when toxic substances stay in the intestinal tract, and increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

2. Hyperlipidemia: Traditional Chinese cooking methods, such as braised in brown sauce, oil explosion, etc., usually lead to meat (even lean meat) also contains a lot of fat. After eating dinner, it will stimulate the liver to produce low-density lipoprotein and improve blood lipid.

3. Cardiovascular pressure: if you eat too much meat for dinner and the blood flow speed slows down during sleep, a lot of blood fat will be deposited on the blood vessel wall, which will cause the contraction of arterioles and arterioles, increase the resistance of peripheral blood vessels, easily cause the sudden rise of blood pressure, and accelerate the hardening process of systemic arterioles.

4. Sleep quality: eat too much meat for dinner, which is hard to digest. The digestive system works for a long time at night. The blood around the body is concentrated in the digestive system to help the human body digest and absorb food. The nerves of the human body cannot be relaxed, and the sleep quality at night becomes poor.

2. Acceptable methods

Dinner "fruit instead"

Even if it doesn't sound so scientific, in fact, eating fruit instead of lunch is an acceptable way to control calories.

Of course, in order to prevent you from serious hair loss, regular leave, decreased resistance, poor skin, bad temper and other symptoms. If you want to adopt the mode of eating only fruit for dinner, you must pay attention to the nutrition matching of food in breakfast and lunch to supplement the nutrition.

Nutritional advantages of fruit: rich in vitamin C and certain carbohydrate (sugar and dietary fiber)

Fruit nutrition short board: protein, B vitamins, vitamin adek and so on are insufficient.

In order to make up for the nutrition shortage of fruit, you must--

1. Breakfast and lunch must be supplemented with enough protein for a day. High quality protein food such as eggs, milk, lean meat, fish and shrimp, etc. Eat at least one boiled egg, a glass of milk and a tennis ball sized meat every day

2. Enough staple food: the staple food uses all kinds of coarse grains and beans instead of one third of the white rice noodles to supplement B vitamins and vitamin E. eat at least three small bowls of staple food every day.

3. The fruits for dinner should be selected: the fruits with low sweet taste and low energy, such as guava, kiwi, pitaya, strawberry, citrus, etc., can be eaten, with the quantity no more than 500g (about 250g for a medium-sized Apple). Watermelon and other high glycemic index fruits cannot be eaten indefinitely. Too much fruit will also cause excess sugar, which is not conducive to weight loss.

4. About the night before going to bed: if you are hungry before going to bed, don't eat biscuits, instant noodles and other high calorie and low nutrition food. You can have a glass of milk or yogurt.

5. Be sure to pay attention to calcium supplementation: calcium deficiency is very easy during weight loss. Calcium deficiency not only has various health risks, but also affects the effect of fat burning. So friends who lose weight must pay high attention to the supply of calcium. It is recommended to have a glass of milk or yoghurt in a day, plus a portion of soy products and a portion of green leafy vegetables. In this way, the supply of calcium can be basically sufficient.

6. There must be exercise, not only the hope of weight loss on diet control. Only exercise can make you thinner and healthier.

3. Absolutely "not OK" eating method

Breakfast and lunch are rare (basically fruits and vegetables, milk and so on), and dinner is only fruit. --The consequences of malnutrition are serious. Don't make fun of your health.

Eat all kinds of high calorie and low nutrition food for breakfast / lunch, such as western fast food, pancakes and fruits, fried food, cake biscuits, etc., and only eat fruit for dinner. --Nutrition is not high, calories are not low, you will become a weak fat paper!