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When to release the latest news of glory note10 Recently, Zhao Ming, President of glory, revealed some news about glory note10 on his micro blog, which caused a heated discussion among netizens. The glory Note Series has been focusing on large screen and high endurance. President glory also said that glory note10 will carry a very scary technology. When will glory note10 be released? Let's take a look at the latest news of glory note 10.

Honor note10 update

In the past, it has been rumored that there will be a new super large screen in glory, and Zhao Ming, President of glory, has previously hinted at the existence of this model on Weibo, but there are different opinions on the specific identity and official name. At the "let mobile phone fly" launch appraisal held by glory yesterday, Zhao Ming confirmed for the first time in the media Q & a session: "glory note10 we are preparing for you, this product exists, and then this product is also very scary. 'but also said' no matter how much I can't say, it's definitely beyond everyone's expectation ', so the specification and release time are still unknown for the time being.

Glory note 10 may be released in August

According to the hearsay in the past, the R & D code of this glorious large screen new machine is "ravel", with a screen size of about 7 inches, no bangs, ultra narrow jaw and rear fingerprint unlocking design, equipped with Kirin 970 processor, with a very high fluency.

According to the naming rules of Huawei mobile phones, rvl-al09, Huawei's new mobile phone, which has been approved by radio transmission model and 3C certification, is considered to be the glory note10 coming on the stage. It not only has the functions of dual card dual standby and full network communication, but also is manufactured by Longqi for the first time, and its charger supports 22.5w super fast charging technology. However, it is not clear when the opportunity will be released, but judging from Zhao Ming's statement and past rumors, it is more likely to be launched in August.