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Can skin care products be brought to the plane

as we all know, the most troublesome thing when flying is to pass the security check. In order to maintain the safety of passengers' lives and property, the CAAC stipulates that it is forbidden to carry liquid on the plane. This will make many girls who love beauty often worry about whether they can bring skin care products and cosmetics when they travel, and often have to give up their own special cosmetics and skin care products. Note that these liquids can be brought to the aircraft. As long as you control the limit and requirements reasonably, let Tianxun tell you the specific precautions!

1. perfume

Perfume is a necessary item for girls to travel. It will play a great role in people's mood. If you use a little, you can bring people into a different mood and become more confident.

Perfume is often one of the best choices for traveling. But perfume usually contains alcohol, which is inflammable. Can it be carried on the plane? According to the new regulations of the General Administration of civil aviation, every bottle of perfume does not exceed 500 milliliters or 500g is allowed to be carried on the plane.

2. skin care products

There are no less skin care products for girls who love beauty, but no less moisturizing water, lotion, cream and sunscreen. Some people with allergic constitution can only use their own special skin care products.

When you travel, can you take your own special skin care products on the plane? You can pack these skin care products in bottles of no more than 100ml, put them in transparent plastic tape, and then you can take them on the plane. If you want to buy local skin care products for your friends, you'd better buy them at the airport duty-free shop. They can also be taken to the plane after being packaged by the duty-free shop.

3. toiletries

Some people are not accustomed to washing toiletries when traveling. They should bring shampoo, mouthwash, shower gel, contact lens, foam, slobber and other toiletries.

Can these liquids be taken to the aircraft? As long as they are packed in containers of no more than 100ml or the remaining liquid is no more than 100ml, and all liquid items are put into a transparent bag with a total capacity of no more than 1000ml, they can be taken to the aircraft.

4. Baby food

Passengers can carry the amount of infant milk or juice needed on the plane. When passing the security check, they need to explain to the staff in advance.

If the capacity of the container is more than 100ml, it should be handed over to the security inspector separately for inspection, and the safety inspection should be carried out together with the infant of the same trade.

5. Liquid medicine

If passengers with some special diseases need to carry some liquid medicine on the plane, they need to show the doctor's certificate to the airport security personnel.

For example, patients with diabetes can carry enough insulin preparations and hypodermic syringes with needles for use on airplanes, but must show medical certificates. Drugs are usually kept by the flight crew first, and then returned to individuals after taking off.

6. Water, sugar water, fruit juice

Some special people need to carry a certain amount of sugar water, juice and water when they get on the plane, but the capacity cannot exceed 100ml, and they need to be packed in containers and sealed with transparent plastic bags. If there is a certificate issued by a doctor, it needs to be explained to the security personnel in advance.

For example, diabetes patients can take some prescribed food on the plane, such as no candy juice, but need to show the medical certificate in advance.