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Can aloe gum shrink pores? Use of aloe gum

Aloe vera gel is a type of skin care for women. Many people use it to make facial mask. Can aloe gel shrink pores? What are the uses of aloe gel? Let's have a look.

Can aloe gel shrink pores

Aloe vera gel is used to replenish water, but the effect of aloe vera gel is not omnipotent. Aloe vera gel will make the skin better, but the pores are too large due to the imbalance of endocrine water and oil.

The main cause of pore coarseness is excessive sebum secretion, which is usually caused by hormone secretion disorder, life pressure and pollution, extreme heat, humidity and other external environment. In addition, with the growth of age, the skin gradually loses elasticity, and the supporting structure around the hair follicle is insufficient, which is easy to make the skin look like a lot of holes. In addition, the external oil and internal dry skin condition will also make the original fine pores become thick.

Dermatologists point out that pores can indeed shrink. The key lies in the sufficient water retention between skin cells, making the space between cells smaller, and then pushing towards the epidermis, the pores will naturally become smaller.

Usage of aloe gel

Face cream

If aloe vera gel is used as a face cream, it can not be used too much. Massage to make the skin fully absorbed. Too much amount of skin can not absorb the skin. Because aloe polysaccharide, aloe gum may be a little sticky when used.

In winter, after rubbing aloe vera gel, it may not be enough to moisturize. It will feel a bit dry. It is better to use aloe vera gel before using other cream or lotion. It's very good in summer. It's not greasy, refreshing and comfortable to use.

Making facial masks

One is to make a sleeping mask, which is directly coated with thick aloe gel after cleansing. It is washed on the second day and feels the skin is very smooth. And if you have red itching on your face and use it to make facial mask, these symptoms will improve a lot.

Another method is to apply a thick aloe gel to the bottom after cleansing, and then apply a paper film soaked with aloe juice or pure dew or other non irritant water. Take it off about 20 minutes later, and the skin will feel full of water. The water is tender and tender. Besides, the aloe gel has a very good repairing effect, which can repair the damaged tissue of the skin, make the skin smooth and smooth Elasticity.