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How to stop itching quickly after being bitten by mosquitoes summer is coming, not only bringing hot temperature, but also mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are very annoying. Especially at night. When sleeping, it is very easy to be bitten by mosquitoes, and there is a constant buzz. Mosquito bite after very itchy, so by mosquito bite after how to quickly stop itching? Here are some quick tips for relieving itching~

How to stop itching quickly after being bitten by mosquitoes?


Break off a garlic clove, smear the mosquito bite bag with the cross section, it will be good in a while, and stop itching.


Can use the juice in aloe leaf to stop itching. After being bitten by mosquitoes, when the swelling is extremely itchy, you can cut a small piece of aloe leaf, clean it and break it off, and rub it on the swelling area for several times, then you can reduce the swelling and stop itching.


Apply with strong soap to stop itching quickly, or dip soap in water to apply on the red and swollen area.


Use salt water to smear or bubble the itch, which can soften the mass and effectively stop itching.


It can also reduce inflammation and swelling by grinding and applying water to the wound.

Floral water, essential balm

You can use your fingers to flick the bite first, and then paint it with dew, wind oil essence, etc


Apply some ammonia to stop itching. It can stop itching quickly.

Alkaline food

Eat alkaline vegetables, the body and blood will also be slightly alkaline, not only mosquitoes do not love to bite, even after being bitten, it will not be very itchy. Also can use oneself alkalescent saliva, daub mosquito bite place, can stop itching.