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What nutrition effect does salted duck egg have? Who can't eat salted duck eggs

salted duck egg is a kind of very nutritious egg food. Its nutritional value is no less than that of meat food, which is rich in a lot of calcium. What are the nutritional effects of salted duck egg? Who can't eat salted duck eggs

Nutritional effect of salted duck egg

1. Amino acids

There are a lot of proteins in duck eggs, and this substance will be broken down into amino acids in the process of salting. In addition, salting will lead to the increase of salt in duck eggs, resulting in a slight increase of inorganic salt in eggs. In the fresh duck egg, the fat in the yolk can't be seen to contain oil because it is combined with protein. After a period of salting, the protein will denature and separate from the fat. At this time, the fat in the duck egg will become the egg butter.

The yolk of salted duck egg contains a lot of red and yellow yolk and carotene, and they are dissolved together with yolk oil, so the red and yellow color we see will appear. It can be said that the nutritional value of salted duck egg is very high, which is not much different from that of fresh duck egg.

2. Rich in calcium

After salting duck eggs into salted eggs, the protein content of duck eggs will be significantly reduced, from 14.7g per 100g of fresh eggs to 10.4g. At this time, the fat content will increase significantly, from 11.6g per 100g of fresh eggs to 13.1g. Not only that, the carbohydrate content of salted duck egg also increased significantly, from 1.6g per 100g fresh egg to 10.7g.

One of the most noteworthy is the preservation of minerals. The minerals contained in duck eggs will not be damaged in the process of salting. At the same time, calcium can be greatly improved in the process of salting, from 55 mg per 100 grams of fresh eggs to 512 mg.

3. inorganic salts

In addition to the rich calcium content in salted duck eggs, it also contains iron, phosphorus and other inorganic salts, and experts have found that the quality of calcium and iron in salted duck eggs is higher than that in eggs and fresh duck eggs. Therefore, their nutritional value is basically the same and each has its own advantages. Proper consumption is not harmful to the body, so they can be safely eaten in daily life.

Although the nutritional value of salted duck egg is very high, and there is no harm in moderate consumption, but no food can be eaten too much. For example, the salt content of salted egg is generally about 10%. If it is eaten too much, it is likely to suffer from high blood pressure, thus seriously endangering human health.

4. clearing away lung fire

It is found that all kinds of nutrients contained in salted duck eggs have good effects of Nourishing Yin, clearing lung, enriching muscle and moisturizing skin, so they are very suitable for eating in summer. In addition, Chinese traditional medicine believes that salted duck egg can clear lung fire and reduce Yin fire more effectively than non salted egg butter can treat children 's accumulated food, and external application can treat scald and eczema.

What is the taboo of salted duck eggs

1. Salted duck egg has a high salt content. It is not suitable for patients with hypertension and diabetes.

2. Estrogen in pregnant women can promote the retention of water and salt in the body. Eating salt duck egg will make the intake of salt far exceed the body demand, lead to high edema of pregnant women, increase the effective blood circulation in the body, reduce the blood supply to the fetus, and affect the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat salt duck egg.

3. It's better to eat less salted duck eggs, because the main raw materials for processing salted duck eggs are duck eggs and salt. Some irregular processing points pursue low cost or in order to shorten the production cycle, the quality of salt used does not meet the requirements of relevant standards. Harmful substances such as barium chloride and nitrite in poor salt will permeate into salted duck eggs, which will pose a threat to human health after eating Coerced.

What are the hazards of salted duck eggs

The World Health Organization recommends that each person consume less than 6 grams of salt per day, and that the salt content of a salted egg may approach or exceed the recommended intake. Long term high salt intake is the cause of hypertension, gastric mucosa damage and other diseases. Moreover, after the duck egg becomes salty, the protein content is obviously reduced, and the cholesterol content is also relatively increased. In addition, salted duck egg is a pickled product, so it contains more harmful substances such as nitrite. If you eat it in large quantities for a long time, it will cause cell mutation such as cancer. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat more salted duck eggs.