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How to stir fry shredded pork with green pepper? Stir fried meat with green pepper

we have never been able to parry what we eat. Stir fried shredded pork with green peppers - a dish with a high ordering rate in Fuzhou restaurant. How to make stir fried shredded pork with green peppers? What ingredients should be prepared for the household practice of stir fried shredded pork with green pepper

120 g lean pork shreds at the rear hip tip of pig

Shredded winter bamboo shoots 25g

Shredded green pepper 80g

10 grams of onion

8 grams of ginger silk

Appropriate amount of water lake powder

Salt 2 grams

3 grams of sugar

A little white pepper

3 grams of vinegar

Shaoxing 15 grams

Proper amount of cooking oil

Method / step

1. Pulp the shredded meat; put 1g salt and 1g sugar in it.

2. Add 1g chicken powder.

3. Add some white pepper.

4. Add 5g Shaoxing wine.

5. Use appropriate amount of water lake powder to evenly grasp.

6. Mix the sauce in a bowl; put 1g salt in the bowl.

7. Put 2 grams of sugar.

8. Put 1g chicken powder.

Add some white pepper.

Drop 3 G vinegar.

Add 10g Shaoxing wine.

Pour in a small amount of water starch and mix well.

Heat the wok on the fire, pour in cooking oil, heat the oil to 30% and put in the shredded meat.

The shredded meat is broken up with chopsticks after being put into the pot.

The shredded meat has not changed color after being broken up. Stir fry it with shredded onion and ginger.

Stir fry until the meat is discolored, then pour in the bamboo shoots and green peppers and stir fry twice over high heat to make them warm up.

Stir fry the sauce in a bowl over high heat, stir well, and let the sauce thicken before leaving the pan.

Out of the pot code plate a little embellishment can be used on the table. Operation completed, 3 minutes for cooking and frying.

Matters needing attention

This dish features: fresh and elegant, original flavor, smooth and tender meat, crispy ingredients, salty and delicious, and Minnan characteristics. Warm tips: 1. To make this dish, you can use ordinary lean meat, but you don't need to use pork tenderloin. Of course, you can also use it. Select the lean part of the rear hip tip of the pig. 2. A few drops of balsamic vinegar are put in the bowl for freshness. It is not allowed to cut too much. The standard is that you can't eat the sour taste of vinegar. Every stir fried dish, drop a few drops of vinegar or drop a few drops of Shaoxing wine can increase the flavor, it will play a special role in enhancing the flavor, and it will have a special flavor, which is also a cooking method for fresh in light. 3. This kind of stir fried dishes should be prioritized in the use of firepower. The smooth meat should be cooked with gentle fire, and the cooking should be done with martial fire. Only the combination of Arts and martial arts can cook dishes with excellent fragrance. In simplicity, it contains wonderful techniques, which is just a set of coherent actions of stir fried dishes in an instant. This Minnan clear color stir fry with a big spoon 'stir fried shredded pork with green pepper' is done. The color is light and delicious. It's a perfect delicacy stir fry for your reference!