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What are the nutritional values of Prunus mume

people now pay more and more attention to the food they eat. They all want to eat healthy food in their mouths. But there are many foods in our daily life, not all of them are known to us, especially many people like to eat some plum and other foods. Plum is our common snack, so what is the nutritional value of plum?

1, thirst quenching.

The sour taste of black plum can stimulate the secretion of saliva and promote the production of saliva to quench thirst. It is often used to treat thirsty and polydipsia (such as diabetes), fever and thirst, pharyngeal dryness, etc. In summer, it can be used as a drink to relieve summer heat and thirst.

2, cough

Dark plum is sour and astringent. It can astringent the lung and stop coughing. It is often used for lung deficiency, long cough, little phlegm or dry cough without phlegm. It is often used with Pinellia, almond, etc. But we should be careful in using empirical evidence.

3, Zhixie

Wumei can astringent intestines and stop diarrhea. It can be used for long diarrhea of spleen deficiency, long diarrhea or diarrhea of large intestine. In recent years, some people have used Wumei Pill in Treatise on febrile diseases as the basic formula to treat non-specific colitis, and obtained obvious curative effect.

4, pain relief

One can soothe roundworms and stop abdominal pain. When Ascaris gets acid, it can be used to treat abdominal pain, vomiting and even cold limbs caused by Ascaris in biliary tract or intestines. Second, it can promote blood circulation and stop stasis and pain. Wumei can soften bone spur, improve blood circulation, reduce edema and treat heel pain. Take 200 grams of black plum, add 2000 ml of water and fry for 40 minutes, filter and remove the residue, add 200 ml of vinegar, soak the heel once a night when the temperature of the medicine solution is appropriate, about 1 hour each time (the medicine solution can be repeatedly heated for use).

5, hemostasis

Stir fried black plum charcoal can cure blood in stool and metrorrhagia. In the treatment of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, stir fry Wumei to 30g and take it with ginseng, tuckahoe, papaya, chishi fat, Yu surplus grain, etc; In the treatment of hematuria and proteinuria caused by chronic glomerulonephritis for a long time, 6-10 g of black plum charcoal and 10 g of cicada exuviate were added to the syndrome differentiation formula, which was related to the experimental evidence that black plum can help the proliferation of renal tubular epithelial cells and enhance the ability of renal tubules to reabsorb fine and micro substances.

The nutritional value of black plum is only limited to the one just picked from the tree. Now, the black plum sold in many places is processed. After a long time of processing, the nutritional value of black plum is seriously lost, and even contains a lot of pigments and other chemicals. Therefore, it is better not to eat it blindly at ordinary times.