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Which brand should I choose for the three-dimensional air conditioner? Power saving and durable

When purchasing air conditioners, Xiaobian suggests that you choose brands with strong brand strength, high popularity and perfect after-sales service. Let's take a look at what brands of air conditioners are power-saving and durable?

the quality of Gree cabinet machine is the best in domestic brands. Gree Electric is the world's largest professional air conditioning enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Gree air conditioner under Gree Electric is the only "world famous brand" product in China's air conditioning industry, and its production and sales volume have been leading in the world for seven consecutive years.

A series of "international leading" products, such as ultra-low temperature digital code multi unit, high-efficiency DC frequency conversion centrifugal water chiller, multi-functional floor heating household central air conditioning, 1 Hz frequency conversion air conditioning, R290 environmental protection refrigerant air conditioning, ultra-high efficiency constant speed compressor, have filled in the industry gap.

Gree variable frequency air conditioning adopts the advanced DC variable frequency technology, which can start at low voltage and low temperature with low voltage when starting. This can improve the situation that the air conditioning is difficult to start in some areas due to the unstable voltage or low indoor temperature in winter. Because of the realization of stepless speed change of compressor, it can also adapt to the needs of refrigeration and heating in a larger area.

By increasing the working frequency of the compressor, Gree variable frequency air conditioner increases the heating capacity at low temperature. The maximum heating capacity can reach 1.5 times of that of the same level air conditioner, and it can still maintain good heating effect at low temperature. When Gree air conditioner is running at high power, the compressor will run at low speed and low energy consumption, and only maintain the set temperature with the required power. In this way, not only the temperature is stable, but also the life attenuation caused by frequent start and stop of the compressor is avoided, and the power consumption is greatly reduced, thus realizing high efficiency and energy saving.

The heart of Gree variable frequency air conditioner is compressor, whose speed directly affects the use efficiency of air conditioner. Gree variable frequency air conditioner is the control system to control and adjust the compressor speed, so that it is in the best speed state, so as to improve the efficiency. Compared with ordinary air conditioner, Gree variable frequency air conditioner can save 20% - 30% energy, and the starting current of Gree variable frequency air conditioner is 1 / 7 of ordinary air conditioner.