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What should pregnant women do when eating cantaloupe and diarrhea cantaloupe, as its name implies, gets its name because of its sweet taste. Cantaloupe is a kind of heat relieving fruit with high nutritional value. In addition, it's delicious and sweet. It's one of people's favorite fruits. So you know what happens when pregnant women eat cantaloupe with diarrhea? What should we pay attention to when eating cantaloupe? Let's have a look.

Do pregnant women have diarrhea when they eat cantaloupe

You may have diarrhea if you eat too much.

Cantaloupe is a kind of cold fruit. If you eat it too much, it will easily stimulate your stomach, make your stomach cold and cold, and cause discomfort to your body. Then you will easily have abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms of discomfort. So mom to be should pay attention, do not eat too much cantaloupe every time, 200-300g can.

What should pregnant women do if they have cantaloupe and diarrhea

1. Drink more hot water

Drinking more hot water can promote the metabolism of the body, help the digestion and absorption of cantaloupe in the body, and also supplement the water lost by diarrhea for the body, balance the electrolyte, thus helping to cure diarrhea.

2. Drink hot ginger tea

Hot ginger tea has a certain role in keeping warm. Drinking hot ginger tea can effectively reduce the cold air in the body and improve the diarrhea caused by cold in pregnant women.

3. Eating antidiarrheal food

When pregnant women eat cantaloupe and diarrhea, it is recommended to eat some steamed apples, salted porridge, garlic and other foods with diarrhea effect, which can alleviate the discomfort of diarrhea to a certain extent.

What should we pay attention to when eating cantaloupe

1. Cantaloupe can't be eaten with balsam pear and watermelon. People who are weak will have diarrhea.

2. Cantaloupe can't be eaten with the cold summer drink, because it's the same cold food. It's bad for the body if you eat it, and the weak people will have diarrhea if you eat it.

3. Cantaloupe should not be taken together with Dabu's medicinal diet or first or later, which will affect the efficacy of medicinal diet.

4. Cantaloupe and durian should not be eaten together, the two can not achieve their own efficacy.

5. Cantaloupe can't be eaten with Coptis chinensis or drugs with the same efficacy. If you eat it, you will have serious diarrhea.

6. The flesh of cantaloupe can be eaten raw, but the taste is refreshing, but the cantaloupe's melon base is poisonous. If you eat too much, you will be poisoned, so you should pay attention not to eat the melon base.

If you try the above methods, the mother to be is still uncomfortable and has diarrhea, you should get medical examination and treatment as soon as possible.