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One copy is allowed for college examination, only one A4

Xiamen, Feb. 1, CNR. Com according to the voice of China News vertical and horizontal report, it's cheating to make a short copy of the exam, but recently the concrete exam of the Civil Engineering Department of grade 2012 of Jiageng College of Xiamen University is allowed to take a short copy, but it's limited to an A4 paper, and the content can only be formula and theorem.

some students said that it's also a kind of knowledge to write this kind of short note. You have to review and digest the knowledge carefully to know what to write on this short note. One of them took three days to finish it. Similarly, not long ago, Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and technical college also adopted this method for examination reform. As early as 2003, Zhejiang University of technology has begun to try this "one page open book" examination mode.

Vertical and horizontal comments: some people say it's reform and innovation, some say it's promoting bad atmosphere. In fact, a piece of A4 paper, how to copy? What to copy? It not only tests the students' comprehensive knowledge, but also challenges the teachers who write the questions, because it is necessary to change from the examination of rote learning to the examination of flexible use. What can't we do with this attempt to shift from knowledge-based to capacity-based?