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Can you eat seafood while taking medicine? What can't you eat after taking medicine

Sihaiwang: seafood is a common dish in our daily life. The nutritional value of seafood is as high as that of edible meat. Many people like it very much. Can we eat seafood during taking medicine? What should we pay attention to when eating seafood?

Can I have seafood while taking medicine

It depends on the specific situation.

Seafood is a kind of nutritious food with high protein and high uric acid, which can not be eaten with any Western medicine. Of course, if you take antiallergic drugs or drugs that reduce uric acid, do not take them, which will affect the drug effect, but other drugs generally do not.

As for traditional Chinese medicine, seafood is rich in nutrition. If you want to improve, you can also eat seafood during drinking traditional Chinese medicine, but seafood is also hair. You should avoid eating seafood when you have skin disease, allergic disease, exogenous disease and sore, or you will aggravate your illness. In a word, it should be determined according to the traditional Chinese medicine, disease and medication used. It's better to talk with the attending physician or the doctor who prescribes the medicine.

Precautions for eating seafood

1. When eating seafood, drink some white wine and rice vinegar, but it is not suitable to drink beer when eating seafood, because drinking a lot of beer will produce too much uric acid, which will cause gout.

2. After eating seafood, do not eat cold drinks, watermelons and other foods within an hour, and do not go swimming immediately.

3. Seafood is rich in high protein, people who are easily allergic to protein should not be greedy. (seafood poisoning is caused by this. )

4. The head of sea fish is rich in mineral arsenic. Under the action of a large amount of vitamin C, it will turn into a toxic state of as 3 +. Its toxicity is equivalent to arsenic. Therefore, we should avoid taking vitamin C pills within two hours before and after eating sea fish.

5. Seafood should not be eaten together with fruits rich in tannic acid, such as persimmon and grape. If you want to eat them, you should have an interval of at least two hours, because tannic acid will destroy the high-quality protein in seafood and greatly reduce the nutritional value of seafood.

What can't be eaten after taking medicine

1, wine

Many anti-inflammatory drugs and alcohol will have disulfiram like reaction, which will lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms. Severe cases can lead to shock, even life-threatening.

2, tea

Tea has a certain antidote, which will affect the absorption and efficacy of drugs. Drinking tea after eating anti-inflammatory drugs is likely to reduce the efficacy of the drug.


Some anti-inflammatory drugs can also have other drugs or food that can not be taken together, but the specific drug analysis, in a word, the use of drugs must be selected under the guidance of a professional doctor, and know the precautions, so as to avoid adverse consequences.

Cold and greasy food.