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I'm not the God of medicine. When will it be released? I'm not the God of medicine. Who is the proto

Recently, the movie "I'm not the God of medicine" has become a hot topic. According to the comments of the audiences who have watched the movie, the whole movie is touching, with tears in the laughter, which has never been seen in the domestic film history. At the same time, the online also gives a high evaluation to the movie that hasn't been officially released. So who is the prototype of this movie adapted from reality? Let's solve it together.

I'm not the God of Medicine on July 6

Brief introduction:

The unexpected visit of an unexpected guest broke the ordinary life of Cheng Yong, the owner of Shenyou store. He became an exclusive agent of India's generic drug "Lenin" from a male health care product vendor who could not pay the rent. With huge profits, his life changed dramatically, and he was named "drug God" by the patients. However, a tug of war on redemption is also unfolding in the waves & hellip;

I'm not the God of medicine. Do you have a story prototype

In fact, many of the events experienced by Lu Yong, the film and story character prototype, are combined with reality, so there will be many scenes indeed experienced in life, just like the expensive Lenin in the film is produced by a Swiss company And the price is almost the same, that is to say, at that time, the price of a course of treatment of Genuine Swiss production of Lenin was nearly 30000 yuan, while the price of Indian imitation of Lenin was only 4000 yuan at the beginning, and by the time Lu Yong was arrested, it was almost 200 yuan.

If the biggest difference between the film and the prototype is that Cheng Yong is not a leukemia patient, but Lu Yong is. So a lot of things in the movie, including Huihui contacting the group leader, and getting through the relationship with the sick friends, are done by Lu Yong alone. In the movie, Lu benefits from introducing this kind of Indian Lenin to Cheng Yong. In reality, Lu Yong finds it through a Korean sick friend's message on the Internet. Therefore, the editor thinks that the combination of several protagonists in the film is more like the experience of Lu Yong.

When Cheng Yong started to buy medicine on behalf of others, he thought more about making money, because after his divorce from his ex-wife, his life had been in a bad situation, and he had a son, who wanted to support himself. At this time, when Cheng Yong met LV beneficiary, he first thought about business opportunities and making money. However, with the development of the story, Cheng Yong began to worry about his own safety, and finally left the whole group. However, with Lu's death due to illness and Xiao Huangmao's car accident, Cheng Yong changed his mind greatly. From making money to losing money, he also wanted to save his sick friends. What Cheng Yong wanted to do was to redeem, and he wanted to make atonement for the old LV, Xiao Huangmao and his sick friends.

In this way, the adaptation has a great arc transformation of the characters, which makes the audience realize Cheng Yong's inner struggle, makes others shine, increases the conflict of the whole story, and greatly improves the viewing. In fact, Lu Yong didn't want to make money from the beginning, so from the beginning to the end, Lu Yong almost didn't make money by selling medicine.

In the movie, Cheng Yong is sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling and selling fake drugs, but in reality, Lu Yong is finally acquitted. When we see the end, Cheng Yong sees countless patients watching him in the police car In fact, after Lu Yong was arrested, hundreds of leukaemia patients wrote to the procuratorial organ together, thinking that Lu Yong was involved in a crime because of "good intentions", asking for Lu Yong to be exempted from criminal punishment.

However, as mentioned in the film, now that the patent of Swiss Gleevec in 2013 has expired and generic drugs have begun to appear in China, coupled with medical insurance, the price of this type of medicine is not very expensive.

What's the score of Douban in I'm not the God of Medicine

The movie hasn't been released yet, so the movie hasn't been graded yet, but we can learn from the audience's evaluation first. In the latest ratings of taopiao and Maoyan, the film scored 9.5 points.

High praise on the spot

A few days ago, thousands of people were ahead of schedule in the movie. After watching the movie, the audience expressed their love for "I am not the God of medicine" with three long applause. The audience sincerely commented: "through the story of the little people, social phenomena are reflected, and the joy is not lost. '

In the process of sharing and interaction, the audience still gave seven thunderous applause to the creators. "With conscience, courage, temperature, acting skills and quality, I am not the God of medicine" is an important breakthrough in Chinese film. '

Many viewers also share their experience of watching movies on the Internet for the first time. In the 116 minutes of watching the movie with tears and laughter, "I am not the God of medicine" vividly unfolds the tough life story of the little character with the realistic depiction of grassroots group image.