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What are the functions of red beans, job's tears and peanuts? Do you know

with people's increasing attention to their own health preservation in modern society, many friends hope to find some health preserving porridge to better regulate their tired body after busy work. Because of the heavy work intensity, their bodies are often in a sub-health state So it's necessary to eat more health food. What's the effect of Adlay peanuts? Next time, I will invite my friends to study with me.

Job's tears red bean porridge is mainly to remove moisture, which can remove the moisture in the body. It is very suitable for summer and people with heavy moisture in the body to eat. Red beans and job's tears are all detoxification products. Red beans are sweet, sour, mild and nontoxic. It contains starch, fat oil, protein, vitamins (a, B, c), plant saponin, aluminum, copper and other minerals.

Red bean and job's tears are all detoxification products. Red bean is sweet, sour, mild and nontoxic. Contains starch, fat oil, protein, vitamins (a, B, c), plant saponin and aluminum. Copper and other minerals. It is good for water detumescence, detoxification, purulent discharge, heat clearing and dehumidification.

The 'detumescence' effect of job's tears and red beans. Don't think swelling is edema. In modern times, at least five or six of the ten people are fat, which is also called body fat.

Job's tears red bean soup is the best medicine for dampness. The best thing for the patient is to go back to boil job's tears red bean soup for tea.

Job's tears and red beans can enhance renal function, and have the effect of clearing away heat and diuresis, so they also have curative effect on the patients with edema. According to the modern pharmacological research, job's tears have the effect of preventing cancer, and the effective anti-cancer components include selenium, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, and can be used for the auxiliary treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer;

Job's tears have the functions of nourishing hair, preventing hair loss and making hair smooth and soft. Make skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, eliminate pigment spots. It has obvious curative effect on facial acne and rough skin. In addition, it has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays. Its extract can also achieve the effect of sunscreen and UV protection when added into cosmetics.

Peanut fruit has a high nutritional value, rich in fat and protein. According to the determination, the content of fat, protein and sugar in peanut is 44% - 45%, 24-36% and 20% respectively. Peanut is also rich in vitamin B2. PP, a, D, e, calcium and iron.

The contents of the above paragraphs give us a good introduction to the functions of Adlay peanuts. I believe that as long as you read the above contents carefully, you will have a deeper understanding of these functions. Of course, I would like to remind you that although red beans and job's tears have so many benefits for our health, we must also understand the truth that the extremes of things are the opposite, so no matter how good things are, we can't have too much.