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The first half of the 2108 World Cup quarter finals is full of suspense the competition in the 1 / 8 final of the 2018 World Cup knockout is all over, and the list of the top eight is all out. Next, we will enter the tense quarter final. Let's have a look at the 2018 World Cup final schedule.

The world cup knockout 1 / 8 finals are all over. In the just concluded match, Sweden beat Switzerland 1-0 to advance to the last eight. In the match between England and Colombia, England were absolutely tied with one goal ahead, but England resisted the pressure in the penalty shoot out and finally won the penalty shoot out. The list of the top eight of the world cup has been released. They are France, Uruguay, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Croatia and England.

With Brazil, France, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal and many other top winners, the first half of the region can be called the "death of the first half". In this half of the region, France will knock out Argentina 4-3, Uruguay 2-1, Portugal. In this regard, France and Uruguay will meet in the quarter finals; Brazil beat Mexico 2-0, Belgium beat Japan 3-2, Brazil will meet Belgium in the quarter finals. There is no doubt that the battle for the top four seats in the "first half of death" area is tragic. These four teams are all top contenders. Brazil, France, Belgium and Uruguay all have some difficulties in qualifying.

In contrast, the competition in the second half is full of opportunities. In this half, only Spain has the absolute ability to win the championship. However, in the last eight games, Spain was 1-1 draw by Russia, and in the penalty shootout, Russia was the perfect opponent of Spain. In other games in the second half, Sweden eliminated Switzerland 1-0; England eliminated Colombia with penalty kick; Croatia and Russia eliminated Denmark and Spain with penalty kick respectively. In the last four contests in the second half, Russia will meet Croatia and Sweden will meet England.

In the quarter final match, the first half is still full of suspense, while England became the strongest team in the second half after escaping from death. They met Sweden in the quarter final; Croatia faced Russia in the quarter final, and the team strength in the second half is not as strong as that in the first half, but each team has a chance to stand out.

In the 1 / 8 finals, the host Russia team was the most unexpected. They drew 1:1 with Spain in 120 minutes, knocked out the South African World Cup champion in penalty shootout, and won the title this year; France team performed the most amazing, the second youngest youth army in the top 32, knocked out Argentina team 4:3, and blew up a strong youth storm; Belgium is the most dangerous team. In the war with Japan, they scored three goals in a row in the second half when they were 0-2 behind, playing a classic play of reversal + elimination; England is the most 'relieved'. Since 1990, the three lions have lost all three penalty shootouts in the previous World Cup, but in the 1 / 8 final between Beijing time and Colombia on the morning of the 4th Beijing time, England won the penalty shootout 4-3, breaking the magic spell that has haunted them for nearly 30 years.

World Cup quarter finals schedule:

Upper half:

6 July 22:00 Uruguay vs France

07 / 07 02:00 Brazil vs Belgium

Lower half:

8 July 22:00 Sweden vs England

9 July 02:00 Russia vs Croatia