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What fruit do pregnant women eat? Baby skin is white. Precautions for pregnant women to eat fruit every mother wants her baby to be healthy and beautiful. If a pregnant woman eats more fruit, it will do no harm to her baby. What fruit does a pregnant woman eat, and her baby's skin is white? Here's a brief introduction.

What fruit does pregnant woman eat darling skin white?

If you want to whiten your baby's skin, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C can interfere with the production of melanin, it can reduce the deposition of melanin, and the baby's skin will be white, tender and delicate in the future. This kind of food rich in vitamin C includes tomato, grape, orange, cauliflower, winter melon, onion, garlic, apple, Rosa, fresh jujube and other vegetables and fruits.

Fruits are rich in vitamins. People who often eat fruits will not lack all kinds of vitamins in their bodies. What's more, it's very important for the development of baby's brain. Because the growth and division of cells need some natural organic compounds to promote the synthesis of cells. Although the number is small, it is indispensable to maintain life. This special substance is vitamin, which plays the role of redox.

1. Kiwifruit

Rich in vitamin C, it can interfere with melanin production and help eliminate freckles on the skin.

2. Tomato

It contains lycopene, which helps to smooth wrinkles and make skin tender and smooth. Often eat tomatoes are not easy to appear dark circles, and not easy to be sunburned.

3, apple

Apple contains a lot of water and various moisturizing factors, which can moisturize the skin. Vitamin C can inhibit melanin deposition in the skin. Eating apple often can help eliminate freckles and black spots in the skin and keep the skin tender and ruddy.

Apple is rich in pectin, which is helpful for gastrointestinal peristalsis. The fiber contained in apple can help to remove the garbage in the body, so as to help you detoxify and maintain your beauty. As the saying goes, white, to some extent, can be inherited.

Apple is rich in vitamins and malic acid, often eating can increase hemoglobin, not only can make the skin white, red and tender, but also has an excellent tonic effect on anemic women. It is the first choice fruit for pregnant women and children.

What vegetable does pregnant woman eat baby skin white?

If the parents' skin is rough, pregnant women should often eat foods rich in vitamin A, because vitamins can protect skin epithelial cells and make the skin of children delicate and shiny in the future. Such foods as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, carrot, tomato, green vegetables, dried fruits and vegetable oil.

1. Carrot

Carrot is known as skin food, which can moisturize the skin. It contains & beta; carotene, which can resist oxidation and whiten the skin. It can also remove excess horniness of the skin. It also has calming and soothing effects on Oily Acne Skin. Egg yolk and honey have moisturizing and moisturizing effects. The mother is white, and the baby is white.

2. Tremella fuciformis

Tremella, known as the bird's nest of the poor, is boiled with sugar water. It is not delicious and nourishing, but also whitening. Tremella fuciformis is rich in natural plant gum. With its Yin nourishing effect, it can moisturize the skin for a long time, and has the effect of removing the yellow spots and freckles on the face. Of course, the baby also absorbs the magic effect of Tremella fuciformis.

3, milk

Fresh milk is also a drink that mothers like very much. When they get up in the morning and have fresh milk for breakfast, their physical strength will be better all day. Most importantly, fresh milk can also whiten. In addition, drinking milk can help build a strong body, enhance resistance and provide essential amino acids for the human body, because some amino acids cannot be maintained in the human body for a long time.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat fruit

1. Fruit also has attributes, breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to eat less cool fruit, if breastfeeding mothers eat too much watermelon and other cool fruit, it is easy to cause diarrhea.

2. Most of the fruits in summer are cool fruits, such as cantaloupe, watermelon, melon, pear, kiwi fruit, mango, grapefruit, etc. In order to avoid the fruit partial cool, may also cut into the block, uses the boiling water to scald to eat again. But it's best not to boil, so as not to destroy the vitamins in the fruit.

3. Summer is coming. Moms don't eat frozen fruit.

4. Remind, pregnant women do not eat too much too sweet fruit, easy to cause gestational diabetes.

5. When eating fruit, you should pay attention to cleaning, thoroughly cleaning or peeling before eating, so as to avoid diarrhea.

6. Try not to eat off-season fruits and vegetables.